Giveaway! Signed copies of The Date!



Firstly, a huge thank you for all the support for my latest psychological thriller centered around Face Blindness, The Date. Since its summer release I’m thrilled that it very quickly sold in excess of 100,000 copies, was nominated for The Guardian’s ‘Not the Booker Prize’ and to now learn that it is in the top 10 biggest selling books on Apple’s iBook store this year is phenomenal, particularly since it wasn’t released until halfway through the year.

The mass market paperback doesn’t hit the shops until next Spring, but as it’s Christmas I thought I’d give away a couple of signed and dedicated copies, along with postcards and bookmarks. If you already have the ebook or have listened to the audiobook, this could make a perfect gift for a friend.

To enter please comment below with either your best or worst date. Competition will run until Tuesday 11th.

Good luck!

Louise X

Here’s the blurb: –

One night can change everything.

‘I know it as soon as I wake up and open my eyes… Something is wrong.’

Her Saturday night started normally. Recently separated from her husband, Ali has been persuaded by her friends to go on a date with a new man. She is ready, she is nervous, she is excited. She is about to take a step into her new future. By Sunday morning, Ali’s life is unrecognisable. She wakes, and she knows that something is wrong. She is home, she is alone, she is hurt and she has no memory of what happened to her.

Worse still, when she looks in the mirror, Ali doesn’t recognise the face staring back at her

You can also find The Date on your local Amazon here.

73 thoughts on “Giveaway! Signed copies of The Date!

  1. I’d love win a copy! My worst date would have to be the only time I tried dating via a dating site. We met at a local pub (so I would know people incase it went wrong) the idea being to play pool (I played for a ladies team at the time) and have a drink. The guy turned up, didn’t want to play (turns out he couldn’t) and only talked about sex. Seems he thought that pub and drink was a euphemism for get drunk and have sex… err no! Yeah, didn’t meet him again and didn’t try dating sites again either haha

  2. My best date would have to be with my current boyfriend of 2 years. We were talking a lot before and hanging out a lot but when we became an official couple our first date he took me to Whistler BC Canada we live in Vancouver so it’s about hour drive away and he rented a cabin and we spent the night and the next day he took me to the sea to sky gondola.

  3. Hiya!!
    This book sounds so good!
    I’ve never been on a date, so good or bad I have no story!!
    However one day I was walking my dog and I fell on some bad ice, a very nice man walking his dog came to help me up and he fell over too!
    It seemed to be the biggest patch of black ice ever and we were both stuck.
    Luckily my staffie was very strong and his favourite game was tug. I managed to get his lead and encouraged him to pull the other end of the lead. He dragged me to a point where I could get up, and I helped the man up too.
    However after that every time my dog saw his lead he thought we’d have a tug game!
    Never did see the man again.
    Apart from a wet bum and very bruised pride I was unharmed!!!

  4. My best date was something very traditional: a dinner and a movie in London. But the man I was with made it special. We walked through parts of London where my novel series is set and he took me to inner courtyards and side streets I didn’t know existed (cue instant inspiration), all the while entertaining me with amusing stories and interesting anecdotes. He wanted to show me a restaurant he’d been to a couple of decades earlier and because I loved the interior so much, he suggested we have dinner there. After the film, he waited with me at the train station to make sure I got on the train safely and then texted me to make sure I got home in one piece. I can’t ask for much more than that!

  5. Hi Louise!

    I LOVE your books – I am reading The Gift now 🙂

    My best date would be when I traveled to Paris with my boyfriend and we got to celebrate my 30th birthday at the Eiffel Tower ❤ A dream come true of mine!! xoxo
    -Booksbikesbooze (on instagram)

  6. My worst date was when I was asked to go to a pizza restaurant in a nearby town. This was before I had a car, and since my date was apparently paying for the meal, I paid for the train fares for us both. When we got there, the restaurant was actually a takeaway and my date ordered a huge party pizza for himself and told me that he had no money to pay for mine, so I’d have to buy it myself. I ended up buying a bag of chips, and sat on a bench while he ate every single slice of the pizza. He didn’t even offer me a bit! Afterwards we went to a bookshop and I bought a book I’d been after for a while. My date told me that it was the first time he’d seen me smile since we arrived! Needless to say, the relationship was over shortly after!

    My best date would be when my husband took me to London for our 10th wedding anniversary. He took me to the Ivy and then we stayed in a beautiful hotel in Russell Square. It was a memory I’ll never forget.

  7. Hi Louise
    One of the worst dates I ever had was a blind date with a man who cried all the way through the main course as his ex wife had got the bulk of his pension and he now had to move in with his Mum.

    I was sympathetic but obviously not a keeper. Therefore I was even more astonished when he text’d me the next day to ask if I’d felt the same good communication vibes he had!
    Er, no.

  8. My worst date was a boy at school who didn’t really need a girl friend he just needed a second mummy, two weeks into the dates and not a kiss 😘 insight, I told him that he should go home an give his mum a huge hug x

  9. First of all congratulations! I’ve had so many lovely dates with my partner but the most memorable was probably when we had a night in Manchester to see Dave Matthews Band and they played “our song” and my boyfriend had his arms around me the whole time . It was just a perfect moment.

  10. Oh, read your other three books and would love this one. My perfect date is sat indoors in my pj’s snuggled up with a cuppa and a pack of biscuits! At 39 and single it could stay this way..!

  11. My best date was not a planned one, I was in a relationship which I was unsure of and went out with a group of workmates to the pub that we usually met up in, on this night out I was talking to my friends about how I might see this Guy later, when one of my colleagues said you should come out with me instead. Well lots of dates and 30 years of marriage later and I’m still with my unplanned date!

  12. The worst date I went on was probably my first date with my now husband. We met on twitter and had been chatting for a few weeks when we decided to meet. I really, really liked him but the day we met I got so nervous that I literally couldn’t speak. We went to a bar and I sat hanging on to the edge of the table and couldn’t even look at him. He was talking to me and I just sat there! Mortifying! I wouldn’t have blamed him if he’d gone to the loo and never returned but thankfully he stuck with me. We’ve been together nearly ten years now (married for four) but I still don’t know how he didn’t run a mile that first afternoon! He’s a keeper! 🙂

  13. This was one of the worst night but turned out to be a the best date.
    Someone thought it would be a bright idea to walk down the street and kick all the wing mirrors off the cars! Mines was one of them. I had to run my brother to his snooker tournament with it taped up (although I didn’t do a very good job!).
    On arriving at the snooker club some guy came over and fixed this for me. I sat in the driver seat while he knelt outside the window chatting, which turned out to be 3 hours!
    Now over 11 years later we are married and have a son! Not the most romantic first type of dates but a magnificent ending!

  14. I’m not much of one for dates. Most of my relationships have started almost by accident. But I did have a brief stint of internet dating, and I was almost put off by the first meeting, which I have since always referred to as The Interview. The only thing missing was a clipboard and pen for her to make notes on as she ran through a rather stilted list of questions – What films do you like? What books do you read? What music do you listen to? What’s your inside leg measurement? (I made the last one up, but wouldn’t have been surprised to be asked it.) These things do come up in normal conversation, but it really did feel like she was going through a checklist. We both agreed a second date wasn’t a good idea.
    That aside, I can’t tell you how proud I am of your success, Louise. You’ve come a long way in the time since we first met.

  15. Worst date – I met a man I had been chatting to from a dating site. To say he looked nothing like his picture was an understatement. He was the spitting image for my great grandpa aged 90+. Wasn’t the best of evenings, he wasn’t impressed when I wouldn’t kiss him and he emailed me a massive character assassination afterwards.

    Probably a reason I’m chronically single!

  16. I must first say I really loved this story, so we’ll done and thank you! My best date was with my now husband in a lovely country pub in Kent. When he first held my hand I was so chuffed!

  17. I would love a copy. Undeniably my best date was with my other half prior to marriage. At first, we didn’t get on at all. In fact, when we first met through a prospective common fridnd, we jokingly fought like cats and dogs and had great banter. To everyone else, we had great chemistry. Along the way, we got used to each others company and sarcastic remarks that we slowly felt incomplete without each other. So for our first date he took me for a picnic in a beautiful rose garden as he knew I lived roses.

  18. My best date was with my current husband, when we first started dating. He flew us to Seattle (from Colorado) to see Fleetwood Mac in concert, after I told him they were one of my favorite bands! He is the best husband…and date planner, ever!

  19. Simply it started with a coffee at a garden centre. It was simple but the best conversation that changed my life! Found my soul mate!

  20. My best date was when my (boy) friend held my hands and stuck them in his coat pockets to keep them warm, and told me we ought to start ‘going out’ together. We were fifteen years old and have now been married for 41 years.

  21. I would love a copy. Undoubtedly my best date ’til date (no wordplay intended) was with my now other half. We met via a mutual friend and initially would fight like cats and dogs jokingly. We had great banter and to everyone else we seemingly had amazing chemistry. As times progressed, we got so used to each others’ company and sarcastic ‘tit for tat’ comments that it dawned upon us that we were inseparable. Thankfully, he decided to make the first move by inviting me out where he surprised me by an arranged picnic date in a beautiful rose garden as he knew how much I loved roses. from that day onward, it has been bliss.

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