Why my family dread me writing the middle of a book…

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Last week I started writing my third novel. It seemed a long time since I sat to write anything new and I was feeling quite nervous at the thought of facing a blank page.

Once I wrenched myself away from Twitter, stopped browsing Amazon and had selected some music to listen to on iTunes I couldn’t put it off any longer. My fingers hovered over the keyboard, I took a deep breath, and to my enormous relief the words began to flow.

I’m a fast typist, but not a quick writer. I can’t help tinkering as I go, spending too much time editing scenes that I know most likely won’t make the final cut. By the end of the first day I had a word count of around 1000 words which, when I’m writing my way into the story, getting to know the characters, I’m quite happy with, but more important than my word count was the fact I had enjoyed it.

‘I LOVE this part of writing.’ I told my husband later as we sipped wine and discussed our days. ‘The beginning of a brand new story, not knowing which direction the plot will lead me in. It’s all so exciting.’

‘I love this part too,’ said my husband.

‘Why is that?’ I was puzzled as he doesn’t write and doesn’t read my novels until they are finished.

‘It’s the calm before the storm,’ he said. ‘The bit before all the tears. The happiness before the ‘I can’t think of a middle,’ the ‘My book is so boring no-one will EVER read it,’ the ‘I’m NEVER going to be able to finish it because I’m not a proper writer,’ but if we can ride that out we get to the end, which you love, then you hate, then you change, then you love again, and then you hate, and then you change…’.

‘Umm I may have found The Gift challenging in the middle, but I’m sure I didn’t with The Sister.’ img_0369

‘Yes you did, Mum.’ My son chipped in. ‘And you said after The Sister was No.1 you wouldn’t doubt yourself again and then you were exactly the same writing The Gift, and when that hit No.1 you said you wouldn’t doubt yourself with the next book, but you will.’

‘It’s your process,’ my husband said. ‘But this time, if you can relax a little, and have faith that’s the way you work, you might find you enjoy the middle, and we might get through less tissues, and less bottles of wine.’

So for this book, when I get to the middle, I’m going to have faith in the process, or at least when I find myself crying into a large glass of wine at the end of the day I can read this blog post and remind myself that it is completely normal. My normal anyway.






Flash Fiction – The Grass is Always Greener


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The noise builds and builds, horns blare, insults are traded. I sit in the traffic jam, my shoulders tight with tension, wishing there was just one second of silence in the city.

Birds tweet and a tractor thrums in the nearby field. The countryside is so quiet. So still. I live in the most boring place on earth.

I wonder where I’ll go tonight, another bar full of faceless strangers who don’t care.

I fancy a drink later but I’m sick of the local where everyone knows my business.

I’m going to move to the city.

I’m going to move to the country.



‘The Grass is Always Greener’ was written for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly 100 word story challenge inspired by a photo prompt. Hop over to host Rochelle’s blog to read the other entries or join in!

#CharacterSpotlight #Jenna #TheGift Louise Jensen @fab_fiction

Thanks so much for Emma Mitchell for inviting me onto her fabulous blog to talk about how I crafted Jenna, the main character in The Gift, flaws and all.

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Well, what a six months Louise Jensen has had, her debut novel, The Sister rocked our bookish world in July 2016 and smashed all the records, selling over 450,000 copies in just six-weeks, knocked JK Rowling off the top spot when her last novel, Mysterious Beats and Where to Find Them was released, is still loitering in the top ten of the psychological fiction charts and has now been listed as the sixth most downloaded book of 2016!!


Her second novel, The Gift, is currently at number one in the psychological fiction chart and is absolutely smashing it too!!

But what makes Louise’s books so bloody brilliant? Well, I for one think that she is an absolutely amazing story teller, Louise builds up a story in a way that it is hard to move away from, in fact, at the ripe old age of thirty-three (I know . . .)…

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Delighted The Sister is in this top 10!



A super quick post to say how utterly delighted I am The Sister has been the 6th biggest selling book on Amazon UK in 2016.

A huge thank you to everyone who has read, reviewed and recommended my debut story.

fullsizerenderI’m honoured to be part of such a fabulous top ten and having read all the other nine books I’d highly recommend them all.

Thanks again.

Louise x





Flash Fiction – Hope


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Dampness seeps through a hole in my shoe as I trudge one exhausted foot in front of the other. There’s no-one to rush home for.

I’m so tired.

On the bridge I pause, staring down into the crashing water below. Would anyone miss me?

I’m so lonely.

A soft mewling breaks my thoughts. A wriggling sack next to the railings. I tug it open and lift out a shivering kitten, bones protruding. He licks my hand. My heart swells. It’s been a long time since I felt needed.

“I’ll call you hope.” I whisper as I tuck him inside my coat.


I thought nothing could top 2016 professionally but appearing on TV last night, albeit briefly, to talk about writing, being published & mindfulness was such a great experience and an amazing start to the year. You can watch the 3 minute clip here. Or read my blog piece about it here

Hope was written for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly 100 word story challenge inspired by a photo prompt. You can join in and read the other entries over at Rochelle’s blog here

Appearing on TV was an incredible experience – Talking writing, mindfulness & chronic pain.



Last Thursday I was at a 50th birthday party in Yorkshire when my mobile rang.

‘Is that Louise Jensen?’ asked an unfamiliar voice.

‘Yes.’ I said, one hand clamped over my ear, as I headed for somewhere quieter.

‘This is ITV. Congratulations on your second novel, The Gift,  reaching No.1 in the UK. We know your debut, The Sister also reached the top spot. It’s quite unusual for an author to have two number ones in a year. We would like to come and talk to you. Is that ok?’

My mouth dried as I looked around the kitchen searching for hidden cameras. It had to be a joke. Next door I could hear laughter from the party, or were they laughing at me? Paranoia kicked in and I tripped over my words.

‘’You want to interview…..me?’ I refrained from laughing hysterically or telling them I’m the least remotely interesting person they could choose.

‘Yes. Tomorrow morning.’

img_0369Cue a frantic three-hour drive back to our Christmas chaos house where my husband ran the hoover round at 2 am, and rationalised that at least if it was a joke, we’d have tinsel-free carpets.

The next morning we waited anxiously. I’d already made my teenage son get showered and dressed ‘just in case’.’ He’d recently completed a Level 3 BTEC in Media and I thought he’d find the process interesting, if they turned up of course, but none of us really thought they would, until there was a knock at the door.

The morning passed by in a flash. Claire McGlasson who conducted the interview couldn’t have been nicer and put everyone at ease. My son was allowed to help with the filming and lighting and I felt incredibly relaxed as I chatted about writing, mindfulness and chronic pain. I found it fascinating that it took two hours of filming for a three-minute segment. No wonder movies take so long to make!

There were sound bites of my clip throughout yesterday and the full segment was shown in the evening and I watched it while clutching a large glass of wine. It’s something my family will always remember and I’m so grateful we got the chance to do this. It was a fabulous way to kick off 2017.

You can view the clip here.