Book Club Questions

1)  Were you shocked when Charlie uncovered Bo’s secret. Was he right to keep it?

2)  What do you think really happened with Bo at the Cliff Top Cafe?

3)  Charlie carried a lot of resentment towards his mum could you understand this? Do you think she knew and if so why didn’t she broach the subject with him?

4)  Sasha is very focused on her 5 year plan. Do you think having such clear goals is a good thing or can it stop you enjoying the present moment?

5)  Nina is a very confused 15 year old, both about love and about whether she wants to be a psychologist or something more creative. What advice would you give to your 15 year old self?

6)  Pippa fell in love with Charlie in the sandpit at age 6. Do you think young love can be everlasting? Were they always destined to be together?

7)  Charlie sacrificed his career in New York – was he right to do so? Would you have done the same?

8) Violet is more complex than she first appears but does cause a lot of distress. How could she have handled things differently?

9) Billie seems to instinctively know when something is wrong. Do you believe animals can sense these things?

10) What would you like to happen to the Johnson family in the future?