– Book Club Questions

The Surrogate Book Club Questions

1. During the first page of the book we learn that a couple have been murdered. As the book progresses did you find yourself forming theories about the murders and if so, did these theories change as the story evolved?

2. Kat has been lonely since falling out with Lisa many years before and is eager to rebuild their friendship. Do you think it is ever possible to go back and repair past hurt?

3. ‘You mustn’t tell, Kat.’ When you find out what Kat is supposed to keep quiet about, how did you feel? ‘I’m a keeper of secrets, a guardian of the truth.’ Did this change the way you felt about her?

4. Do you think Kat’s desperation for a baby has been at the cost of her happiness?

5. Both Nick and Kat are harbouring secrets. Kat says of Nick ‘Over time I have stopped asking questions because it’s never one-sided, is it? Finding out information. If we have that conversation, sooner or later I’ll be the one expected to talk about my parents, my past, and that’s the last thing I want to do. Anyway, ultimately, we are all the same, aren’t we?’ Do you think this is true?

6. Kat and Nick are both damaged, troubled, characters. How did you feel about them?

7. Throughout the novel did your sense of who could be trusted change?

8. What did you think would be the outcome of Lisa’s pregnancy?

9. ‘It’s almost incomprehensible how the actions of a complete stranger have shaped my life. The butterfly effect. A flutter is all it takes.’ Discuss how different things could have been.

10. What do you think happens after the Epilogue? What would you like to happen?