Book Club Questions

The Family Book Club Questions

1. During the opening of the book, we learn that someone has been shot. Who did you think this was?

2. Laura had kept a huge secret from Tilly. Did you feel any empathy towards her or do you think she should have been honest with her daughter?

3. “We’re programmed to think that the relationships with our families are absolute. Our bonds unbreakable. But it’s not always the case. Sometimes friends are more loyal, less judgmental.” Do you think the bonds between family is greater than friends? Is blood thicker than water?

4. Tilly is keeping a secret from Laura because she thinks the truth would hurt her mum. Is keeping secrets ever justified or is honesty the best policy?

5. “We all make mistakes don’t we? Drift from the light towards the dark, hovering in the shades of grey in-between.” Are any of the characters in the book completely good or completely bad?

6. Tilly made a gruesome discovery in the woods. Who did you think was responsible for that?

7. “Promise you won’t tell Tilly.” Could you understand Iwan’s reasons for wanting Tilly to keep his secret? Did you think it was unfair?

8. What did you assume about Alex throughout the book? How did this change by the end?

9. What do you think the future holds for Laura and Tilly?

10. What is your opinion regarding brainwashing? Do you think, in the right circumstances, over time, anyone can be manipulated into behaving out of character?