Flash Fiction – New Life


Image courtesy Roger Bultot


‘They were such a lovely couple, I can’t quite believe it’s happened’ says the woman wrapping her arms around herself as if she is cold, although this is the warmest March on record for years. At the side of the kerb, as close as the emergency services will allow, friends and neighbours huddle together. The sight of their shocked faces, tissues dabbing at tears, is such a contrast to the neat borders bursting with snowdrops and the reporter thinks they would make a great shot. The joy of Spring tempered by tragedy. New life highlighting the rawness of loss.


Apologies – I admit I’ve cheated a little this week as I’ve today written the above for my WIP but when I checked out the prompt it fitted perfectly. Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word photo challenge inspired by a photo prompt. Hop over to host Rochelle’s blog to read the other entries or join in yourself. 

34 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – New Life

  1. No apologies are necessary here, Louise! It does stand alone and it does leave us questions… which is more than okay! It’s nice when the reader can fill in the blanks as she chooses..

  2. So many questions! Good job for leaving the reader wondering what happened and not really liking the reporter very much (at least THIS reader didn’t.)
    neat borders bursting with snowdrops – love this line.

  3. We had a neighbor once, years ago when we were first married, who told us that she could tell a couple was happy by how well they kept their yard. I think she was hinting that we needed to rake the leaves off our lawn. Funny story.

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