Meet Guest Author Louise Jensen…

Big thanks to The Story Reading Ape for inviting me to take part in a ‘Meet the Author’ series.

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louise-jensenMy name is Louise Jensen and if you ask me to define myself I’d probably say mum, wife, daughter, sister, almost anything but an author, and I think that’s because I still feel a bit of a fraud.

I’ve dreamed of being a writer all my life, but for much of it that’s all it was, a pipe dream. A ‘I don’t have the time,’ a ‘one day I’ll write a novel’ but honestly the only thing that stopped me putting pen to paper was myself. The fear of failing. The overwhelming sensation that rose whenever I thought about writing 90k words.

In my 30’s I lost a huge chunk of my mobility overnight and as a result of my new enforced physical limitations and the chronic pain I found myself in I became depressed. Big black hole depressed and the future looked bleak. My confidence drained away and I…

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