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Yesterday I had a really emotional day collecting my new car. Now this should be a cause for celebration and while I do feel very thankful to be mobile, saying goodbye to my trusty old Honda was gut-wrenchingly painful.

I have had the same car for the over 12 years. My children have grown up in it and we have gone from sticky fingerprints and baby seats to trips to view prospective universities and driving lessons. My youngest child made his first trip home from the hospital in it, only hours old, filling the interior with his delicious baby smell.

Collecting our gorgeous boxer puppy was one of the best trips we ever made, and leaving him the vets, years later as he lost his long battle with cancer has to be the saddest. 

The car has accompanied us on sunny summer holidays, helped deliver umpteen christmas presents and generally been an all round constant in our ever changing lives.

I had become so ridiculously attached to this inanimate object I cried handing over my keys and log book at the garage.

The end of an era.



Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, write the first thing that comes into your head following a word prompt. No editing, no overthinking. This weeks prompt is ’emote’.

8 thoughts on “SoCS – Emote

  1. It’s funny the way we get attached to our cars. I think that’s one of the reasons people often name them. You’ve done a wonderful job describing why you loved yours so much. Thanks for this, and for participating in SoCS. 🙂

  2. I understand how you feel. My little Hyundai Accent is 15 years old in September and apart from having to replace tyres and the usual minor thing like oil filter over that time it has never given me any trouble.
    My little car has taken me near and far and I’m hoping he will be with me for another 5-10 years.

  3. Haha 😀 I did google about it waay back close to two years ago and found out that this is called the Highschool Break-up syndrome.
    Its main symptoms are feeling unnecessary pity towards things that you are going to dump and finally taking them back even when you know that it is no good.
    Had the same problem with my old phone which was a little possessed devil, it would switch off on its own and randomly call people, but when I got my new shiny phone I felt so bad that I couldn’t use it for over a month and tolerated all the antics of my old phone! 😀

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