Sunday photo fiction prompt – Peace at Last – 200 words


My stomach rumbles and I start thinking about dinner. What am I going to cook? I don’t think I can cobble much together from the frugal contents of my fridge. Maybe I should go to the chippy? I fancy a nice pie tonight. Talking about fancy I wonder whether Mike will be at the pub tonight? Perhaps I shouldn’t have pie, not if I want to look all gorgeous and sylph like. I wonder if Claudia will be there? I can’t believe what she wore last week. A sad excuse for a skirt. More like a belt. No wonder she didn’t have to buy a drink all night. Slapper. Oh god, what am I going to wear? I should have bought something new today. It’s been ages since I’ve been shopping. I wonder if I am overdrawn again. Really I must check my balance more. It’s just numbers, nothing to be frightened of. I wonder if …..

The sound of chimes signalled it was time for me to open my eyes. Wow this meditation malarkey sure is amazing. I’m sure I barely thought at all. I feel all Zen like. Now time to get my newly serene self to the pub.


The challenge is to write a 200 word piece using the photo prompt.