Waiting for the first reviews…



This week ‘The Sister’ has been sent to book bloggers. It sounds ridiculous but it is only now, three months before publication, it has properly dawned on me that my book will be seen; by people I don’t know. As a new author releasing a debut I’m both exhilarated and terrified to read any reviews.

I’ve always been a private writer. Very few people have read the story of Grace and after months and months of getting to know this complex character it’s a little daunting to cast her out into the world and wonder how she might be received. It’s a bit like sending your child to school for the first time and hoping that someone likes them. My story is a psychological thriller, but anyone who follows the flash fiction on my blog knows I am an emotional writer, so the story has a real heart too.

Despite my trepidation, I can’t wait to hear from readers. This whole process has been hugely exciting and I feel so privileged to be in this position. I’ve learned such a lot and have met so many lovely people – I’m really looking forward to this next stage.



Publication date of The Sister is 7th July 2016 by Bookouture. Available as an e-book, paperback and audio book. The digital version is available to preorder now at a very special price from Amazon UK or Amazon US.