A Social Media Christmas – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Image courtesy of Dale Rogerson


It’s picture-perfect. Instagram ready.

The table set for twelve. Silver napkins. Crackers glittering gold.  Fairy lights twinkle from the tree in the corner.

I bubble Processco into glasses before straightening the place cards, each name written in cursive script.

With my phone I snap a selfie, chin tilted, eyes wide, mouth pouting. Santa hat balanced cutely upon my glossy hair.

Can’t wait for you guys to arrive!!! #YouKnowWhoYouAre

Immediately the ‘likes’ start rolling in but today I don’t care.

There’s nobody coming.


I weep as I pack everything away.

850k followers and I’m alone.

Always alone.

Merry Christmas.


This time of year can bring immense joy but it can also be the cause of unimaginable sadness. Let’s all look out for each other. Check on your friends, your neighbours, your family. Pick up the phone instead of commenting on a post. Social media can be distorted. Misleading. Above everything, Christmas should be a time for caring. Kindness is contagious, be a carrier.


‘A Social Media Christmas’ was written for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly challenge to write a 100-word piece of flash fiction, inspired by a photo prompt. Hosted by the fabulous Rochell Wisoff-Fields, you can read the other entries and/or join in yourself here.


48 thoughts on “A Social Media Christmas – 100 Word Flash Fiction

  1. The pretence for social media makes it all the worse – I wonder how many of those Christmas Tree pictures are hiding such a truth. Hope you have a great festive season Louise 🙂

  2. Wow, this is a poignant piece. I am always a little wary of IG influencers and their managed public persona. There’s something unreal about the whole thing. Well done. You can really feel for the narrator.

  3. Dear Louise,

    I fear this is true of many social media folk. Living large on Instagram and Twitter while sitting down to a Christmas dinner of one. Well written and heartbreaking. I hope your holiday isn’t like that.



  4. Well written and oh-so-true for so many. For too many, really. I wish those who feel the need for pretense will find a way to reach out to 3D humans — there are always those who can use a visit in shelters, in nursing homes, in hospitals and soup kitchens … where it need not be picture perfect but can make all the difference in the world for both visitor and visited. I hope those who are lonely during the holidays, find a real way to be with others. Social media is delightful (as our blog posts and sharing writings exemplify) but it is no substitute for connection, if one does not have that in ‘real life’ in some way or form.
    You’ve captured the reality of cyber-loneliness very well. Wishing you happy, real-people-filled holidays! Na’ama

      • You are welcome, and … yes … while friendships and real relationships can begin online, it is still important to have them either ‘evolve’ to real life friendships or to have friendships and connections with ‘real life’ people … We are social beings and we’re meant to connect.
        Peace and joy to you, too! 🙂

  5. I somehow guessed the ending.
    That’s the sad reality. How many followers would turn up if an 850K star is on the hospital bed…?
    X’Mas wishes in advance!

  6. This is so heartbreaking, Louise. Simply because so many are putting out a fake life out there for all to see. Ii truly do hope at least one picks up the phone (at least) and reaches out to someone real…
    Beautifully and poignantly done.

  7. Somehow I knew that perfect picture wasn’t picture perfect. That’s why they call it fakebook. I see fakebook and other social media as a real barrier to intimacy. Excellent story and a sad truth for too many…

  8. This was great, thank you. And you’re so right about the huge gap between reality and social media. Also thanks for the reminder to check in on each other – it’s badly needed at the moment.

  9. Beautifully written, Louise. #youknowwhoyouare is inspired! I like the specific number of followers, too – it adds verisimilitude. In fact, the story felt so real that I was relieved to read in the comments that you were expecting all three of your boys this Christmas.

  10. Yep, social media is all very well and good but if you’re only living for the ‘likes’ you get, your life is pretty shallow. Very well done. Louise. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a great New Year

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