Hunted – #FlashFiction

Image courtesy of Priya Bajpal

The colours are bright.

To my left, a lion shadowed by the trees. Watching. To my right a tiger, his orange body striped black. Amber eyes glowing fierce and hungry.

I’ve never felt so scared.

A scream is torn from my throat as I curl into a ball, waiting for him to spring.

Above me, the universe spins and collides. Stars crashing into planets. The end of something.

A warning.

Suddenly, blackness.


My chest loosens. Heart slows.

The door cracks open.

‘Don’t you like your new nursery.’ My mother whispers, fiddling with the timer on my nightlight.

My mobile rotates, wallpaper looms.

I cry.


‘Hunted’ was written for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly 100 word flash fiction challenge, inspired by a photo prompt. Join in and/or read the other entries over at host Rochelle’s blog here

56 thoughts on “Hunted – #FlashFiction

  1. Oh to get into the mind of a baby! We have 5 little grandchildren ranging from 5 months to 6 years… I loved this piece. We presume, don’t we?

  2. I felt that the images and words ran after one another, the way a toddler’s basic attention span works, on my second reading. I like the “twist” of putting all this in a young mind.

  3. I’ve wondered myself how frightening some toys and images are for children – look how terrified some of them can be of Father Christmases!
    Lovely tension and build, an exciting run up and a satisfying pay off. Just great Louise

  4. Dear Louise,

    Somethings are frightening for a child. It probably would’ve been good for the parents to figure it out before doing the nursery. When I was a small child I was terrified of my cousin’s tape recorder microphone. Love the colorful descriptions, build of tension and twist at the end. Delightful.



  5. When we are little, we can be terrified by things grown-ups rarely understand. Small children, (and older ones who become writers) live and feel their imagination. I was thrown right back to my own childhood, great story.

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