5 reasons why I LOVE book bloggers


It upset me greatly recently that there was a flurry of scathing posts on Twitter regarding book bloggers.  Partly because I loathe any kind of negativity (my Twitter bio states ‘In a world where you can be anything, BE KIND’) but mostly because I’ve got to know many book bloggers over the past couple of years and they are honestly amongst the nicest people I’ve met.

Here are five reasons why I LOVE book bloggers.

1) As a reader, I often found myself browsing book shops feeling confused and overwhelmed.  There are SO many books (and I’m incredibly indecisive) it was almost impossible to make a choice. I’m a slow reader, averaging two books a month and with such a low quantity, quality is imperative. I’ve a selection of book bloggers now I always turn to when looking for recommendations. They have similar tastes to me and I trust their judgement completely. If they say a book is brilliant, I buy it. I’ve never been disappointed.

2) Pre book-bloggers I was stuck in a bit of a reading rut. I knew the genre I most enjoyed and was hesitant to step outside of it. My trusted book bloggers have opened my eyes, raving about stories I’d never have found on my own. I now adore young adult fiction, historical and I’ve even read some dystopian books which I’d never have bought without such glowing reviews. I don’t think I even knew what dystopian was…

3) I’m a writer, so I’m going to be honest and say how much bloggers have helped me gain visibility. I signed a book deal for my debut with a small, but fast growing, publisher with a limited budget for marketing.  The publicity manager arranged a blog tour for me and soon, to my utter delight, my cover was prominent on all social media channels. Even if not everyone read the blog posts, although I know many do, seeing the same image over and over is hugely beneficial when a reader is scrolling through Amazon and instantly recognises a cover.  My sales grew through word of mouth. I really don’t think I’d have sold over a million books if it wasn’t for the support of book bloggers and for that I am hugely grateful.

4) Book bloggers have helped me improve my writing. I’ve never had much confidence in myself and I’d never been in a position where I could afford to do a writing course but I was so eager to learn my craft. Looking through some of the Amazon and Goodreads reviews can be soul destroying but I’ve found reviews from book bloggers to be really beneficial. Not everyone who blogs about one of my stories loves them, and that’s okay. What I’ve found is the majority of reviews are fair and constructive. I’ve welcomed that constructive criticism and used it to tighten my writing, develop my characters. To make each book better than the last.

5) Lastly, but by no means least, I love the sense of community and friendship there is within the blogging world. As a blogger myself, although I rarely now review books, I’ve made some life long friends, many of whom I’ve now met in real life (usually at a bar…) Most book bloggers don’t get paid for reviewing books, they give up massive amounts of time because they are passionate about stories. As a child I thought there was something wrong with me. I was the only one in my family who read. I was so utterly absorbed in stories the characters became my friends, their world became mine. To discover there are a multitude of readers who love stories as much as I do has made me feel I fit it. I have found my tribe. That tribe are book bloggers. Leave them alone!

27 thoughts on “5 reasons why I LOVE book bloggers

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I’ve been shouting the book bloggers’ praises since I caught a hint of this negativity yesterday on Twitter. As a debut author, book bloggers have made a huge difference in the visibility of my upcoming novel.

  2. Reading this makes me feel so great! I was so discouraged reading the things on Twitter. I started to think that authors feel that way too. I’m so glad to see all of the support and love of book bloggers pouring out from authors.

  3. Too right! I know lots of people will really appreciate this lovely supportive post 🙂

    I can never understand why people feel the need to make nasty comments online and certainly not why book bloggers seem to come under fire regularly when they’re such a lovely group of people.

    I always think it’s best to be kind and stick to what my Mum taught me: “If you’ve nothing nice to say, best say nothing at all!”

  4. Such a wonderful post. Thank you, lovely Louise! You were my first official ARC review and I couldn’t be happier to follow you on your journey.
    Kindness towards bloggers has been rarer on social media lately. Thank you for your support. I am happy and proud to be part of Team Louise! Xx

  5. I’m with you, especially on #5 – this community is a wonderful place, no matter what you are blogging about. I learn so much from the people I follow, and if it’s a book may never read, a recipe I may never prepare or a place I’ll never visit – who cares? If it’s well written, I’ve expanded my mind a little bit just by reading it.

  6. THis was a good article and I reponded positively to many of the points Louise raised. I have only ever once published a whole book online – and that was a non-fiction work. I have failed to get any of my fiction work published and I still keep trying. If all else fails, I could publish my novels on my blog. So this article has given me hope and inspiration. Trevor Locke.

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