The perfect publication day raising money for Parkinson’s

Every hour someone is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. In the UK alone one in five hundred people are living with this condition which causes progressive physical and neurological symptoms.

Yesterday was the publication day for my fourth psychological thriller, The Date, and rather than have a typical launch, celebrating with family and friends, my sister Karen and I headed to London on a mission to raise money for our local branch of Parkinson’s.

Laura Devine Solicitors hosted the event which they meticulously planned. Thanks to the gorgeous weather we were able to drift out onto the roof terrace while caterers plied guests with champagne and canapés.

Listening to Karen make a candid, heartfelt speech about the affect Parkinson’s has had on our family, her more than anyone, was one of the proudest moments of my life. I had to swallow the lump that had risen in my throat before I could take part in a Q & A with my agent Rory Scarfe who is also a great supporter of Parkinson’s UK.

My publishers, Sphere (Little, Brown) kindly donated paperbacks which were raffled and the total by the time we had to dash for our train was £500.

Everyone’s generosity was hugely appreciated and I can’t thank everyone enough who organised such a fabulous event, attended and donated.

Parkinson’s UK is part of a global community ensuring the millions of people living with Parkinson’s across the world don’t have to face it alone. You can find out more about the fabulous work they do here.

6 thoughts on “The perfect publication day raising money for Parkinson’s

  1. Louise I attended last night and was so thrilled that you used the publication date to raise money for Parkinsons. Thank you also to the wonderful Laura Devine and her team for hosting us all. Karen was inspirational so please pass on my best wishes to her. As I told her last night it brought back so many memories for me of caring for my own husband who suffered from this terrible disease. With the publicity and funds that she and you have generated only good will come in finding a much needed cure. Well done indeed

    • Hello! It was so lovely to meet you last night. Karen talked much about you on the way home and she’ll be thrilled you’ve got in touch. Trying to give back to such a personal charity to us really was the perfect way to spend my publication. I do hope our paths cross again.

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