The Claw #FlashFiction

Image courtesy of Yarnspinner


The claw lowered, closed its metal fingers. Slow jerky movements until the bear tumbled out of the machine, into my arms.

‘Hey gorgeous.’ He winked. I’d been called fat, ugly, stupid. Never gorgeous!

‘Can I buy you some chips?’

‘I should tell my parents.’ My eyes darted around the arcade.

‘You’re a big girl now.’

It was my lucky day.

Outside in the alley, drizzle hit my face moments before his fist. The bear wrenched from my arms. His stomach knifed open. A plastic bag removed. I curled into a ball on the hard stone floor.

I didn’t feel so lucky anymore.


This week I’m reading through the final typeset files for The Date – I can’t believe it will be published in a few weeks! If you missed the gorgeous cover you can check it out here

The Claw’ was written for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly 100 word story challenge inspired by a photo prompt and led by the marvellous Rochelle.

57 thoughts on “The Claw #FlashFiction

  1. How did I not see the claw!! I do now so clearly 🙂
    A brilliant story – I sensed darkness and you didn’t disappoint- I loved ‘the drizzle hit my face just before his fist.’ A great character too – poor thing. Really enjoyed it 😃

  2. Wonderfully imaginative story with a great twist, Louise.
    Congratulations on the soon-to-be- published book. The cover looks gorgeous. Is it a sequel?

  3. It is indeed sad the lengths to which a druggie will go to these days to transport their wares. This left me with a sick, angry feeling in the pit of my stomach. Great writing!

  4. Well crafted story. The girl should have obeyed her parents and stayed in the arcade; I’m glad her fate was no worse than a punch in the face – bad enough even so.

  5. A cruel lesson to learn – just so horrible. That vulnerable age, where they think they’re adults but they don’t have the experience to be cautious. Gripping and horrifying Louise

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