Flash Fiction – Ferrying Secrets

Image courtesy of Ted Strutz



I ignore the other kids. The wind bites my nose. I button my coat.


The familiar puff of steam. I clutch my camera with numb fingers.


A stone hits me in the back of the neck but I manage to snap a picture of the cab.

The photo won’t take long to develop and when it does I’ll show mum. It might be my dad! He’s been away on top secret missions since I was born. A spy masquerading as a train driver. Ferrying secrets.

She’ll say no. Call me a gullible idiot. She always does. But part of me still hopes. Perhaps it’s him. Perhaps he’ll love me.


Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word story challenge, inspired by a photo prompt. Hop over to host Rochelle’s blog to read the other entires or join in! 

81 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Ferrying Secrets

  1. so sad to feel the hope and longing to have dad in his life.
    and could really feel the coldness inside with the coldness in the setting: camera with numb fingers, but not numb in hope…..

  2. You’ve written that cleverly and well. You tell us the truth about him. He’s a freak, a weirdo and a loser – and gullible. And yet you show the odds against which he struggles, the determination with which he pursues his quest, and we feel that such courage deserves reward. He’s a Don Quixote for the twenty-first century.

  3. Beautifully sad. It’s so hard to make the reader feel for the character in such a short story, like you have done.
    check out my site artofstorylitfictionalterreality.wordpress.com I’ve only just started it.

  4. The use of paragraphing truely is beautiful, separating our dreams from the harsh world around us before the unfortunately merge much like they have in your final paragraph. The feeling of hope we desperately cling onto as these words of discouragement drowns us, especially when those who we assume should endlessly love us join the parade.

    Beautiful and simple yet deceptively complicated, bravo.

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