Can you visualise your way onto the bestsellers list?


Recently, I blogged about my passion for positivity and how I use vision boards to help create a life I love (you can read that post here) and keep a gratitude journal which makes me feel all warm and squishy inside every day when I realise just how lucky I am (you can read that post here).

Last week I had lunch with fellow author Darren O’Sullivan, whose Harper Collins debut Our Little Secret was a smash hit this summer, so much so his digital only deal has now been expanded to include paperbacks.

Darren was telling me about his long struggle to finish, and publish his novel and how his career only took off once he changed his mindset. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to discuss this properly so I am delighted to welcome Darren onto my YouTube channel today where we chat further about our belief that our thoughts really can shape our world.

I’d love to hear what you think.

You can find Darren over at Amazon here.

On Twitter here.

And Facebook here.

8 thoughts on “Can you visualise your way onto the bestsellers list?

  1. What a fab video and post! Am just starting out on my ‘positive thoughts’ mindset so will see how it goes. I love what he said about carrying on if it feels good, even when rejections are building up.

  2. I really love this post. Gratitude and positivity have become so important to me and had a huge impact. I’ve recently started to visualise where my own writing will take me. Thanks for sharing the happiness!

  3. Oh my goodness Louise, what a wonderfully inspiring post and video. To watch you and Darren talking and to hear that your fears and dreams were the same as all us aspiring writers just shows how possible everything is if you don’t give up. A huge kick up the arse moment for me! Thank you both for sharing your thoughts and for being so ‘normal’, which I use as a compliment here, of course.

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