Tis the season to be… #Flashfiction

Image © Marie Gail Stratford


Ten. Nine.

I love Jen.

Eight. Seven.

We’ve been friends forever. First day at preschool. First love. First kiss. First loss.

Six. Five.

Now we’ve children of our own.

Four. Three.

But today there’s tension between us as we shuffle impatiently in the queue. She smiles, her teeth pointed and white. Nudges me with her sharp elbow.

‘Look.’ She nods behind me.

Stupidly I turn.

Two. One.

Too late, I miss the doors flinging open. Jen racing inside. Triumphant, she raises this Christmas’s must have toy over her head. I’m only seconds behind but the shelf is already empty.

I hate Jen.


I’ve really missed participating in Friday Fictioneers these past few weeks – it’s the first time in years I haven’t taken part but I’m (trying) to focus on nailing the first draft of my fourth psychological thriller which is due out next summer. I couldn’t resist joining in today though. I popped out on Monday for a pint of milk and came back with a Santa dog toy, a tub of Quality Street & a bottle of Bailey’s. The Christmas madness has started!

‘Tis the season’ was written for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly 100 word story challenge inspired by a photo prompt, hosted by Rochelle. Hop over to her blog to read the other entries or join in yourself.


56 thoughts on “Tis the season to be… #Flashfiction

  1. Ha! Love this competitiveness between the two of them. despite the love. And hey, he should be grateful – imagine if they’d relied on him and missed out. All’s fair in love and getting your kid’s a favourite toy. I know what you mean about Christmas madness – I already have boxes of biscuits, various stocking fillers and little gifts for people. I have the excuse that work os mad in December, but even so … Nice to see you back this week and good luck with your scribbling 🙂

  2. This has happened to me more than one time – but Once, Mike and I were in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving, and the “Must Have Toy of the Year” was there in plain sight I bought two! (One my twin sister’s kids)

  3. This was a fun read. Every year that is that “It” toy, eh? My mother shopped like a madwoman for some “Baby Cry” doll (or something of that ilk) that could not be found anywhere. Then she happened on a small store in our small town and, voilà! Far away from the throngs of shoppers. Had she known before battling the shelves…

  4. Ahhh … a timely piece with the holidays breathing closely behind us.
    You put a smile on my face, Louise. You have been a busy lady with your successful books and now your new thriller. CONGRATULATIONS on all of it … well deserved.
    Isadora 😎

  5. Reminds me of love-hate relationships between siblings and close friends. I’m half way through Surrogate. It’s getting chilling, but I’m holding my breath for more twists! Good luck with your fourth thriller♥️

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