Vision Boards – Achieving goals #LawOfAttraction


“The action of Mind plants that nucleus which, if allowed to grow undisturbed, will eventually attract to itself all the conditions necessary for its manifestation in outward visible form.” Thomas Troward

Thinking positively comes naturally for some people, but for others, like me, a natural worrier, it takes time to cultivate a glass-half-full attitude. I’ve always been fascinated by The Law of Attraction. Despite all the exposure it’s had recently, it’s not a new idea. The phrase has been referenced in many books since the early 1900’s and author Napoleon Hill published a book in 1937 which insisted thoughts have the ability to attract other thoughts and learning to control one’s thoughts can result in manifesting what you want into a physical form. Put simply, everything is energy so it follows that focusing on negative thoughts will bring negative results. Thankfully it also follows that by throwing out positive energy you can help to shape your own reality.Think about it. Everything manmade in our world started off as the seeds of creation in someone’s mind and no matter how unachievable they were told their goals were and regardless of the opinions of others, through belief and determination these ideas became a reality.

The Law of Attraction works startlingly well for me. As well as cultivating an attitude of gratitude which I do through journaling each night (and you can read how & why I gratitude journal here) I also create vision boards, spending a few hours every now and then focusing positive energy into achieving my goals.

Having a visual aid of what you want your future to consist of can add clarity to your desires and ensures your chosen images are firmly lodged in the subconscious. I’ve an old corkboard and I stick on pictures, quotes and text specific to my goals which would make little sense to anyone but me. I hang it at the foot of my bed so it’s the first thing I see when I wake, and the last thing I look at before I go to bed.

As well as focusing positive energy into my health – I was determined to be able to stand and get around without a wheelchair – my boards often refer to my publishing ambitions, from getting an agent, to signing with a publisher, achieving a number 1 and seeing my books in Foyles. Everything on my last few boards has found its way into being, except the country house, but I’m working hard on that!


Positive thoughts create a positive life – I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


16 thoughts on “Vision Boards – Achieving goals #LawOfAttraction

  1. Was it Derren Brown who did an experiment on luck? He concluded that people who expected to be lucky were generally luckier than those who didn’t, simply because they were more open to suggestions and possibilities. In a nutshell, they held their head up and kept saying yes. I’m definitely a fan of ‘wishing makes it so’.

  2. As someone who suffers with depression, I find it hard to think positively at times. But after the hardest year of my life, which included losing my dad very suddenly last March, I feel more positive than I ever have. I have never tried a vision board but every day I drive through the area of town where I want to live in the future and I am following as many other writers as I can for advice and inspiration. After over a decade of uncertainty and negative thoughts in my life, I know what I want, and I know that if I believe I can achieve success as a writer, then I can make it happen. Thanks for all your posts, Louise, I think I speak for a lot of other writers who appreciate everything you are doing to help us follow in your footsteps.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. As a Careers Adviser in my day job it brought to mind the
    theory of ‘planned happenstance’ which is basically about being prepared to make the most of the opportunities that come along and acting on them.. Found it very inspirational.

  4. I love the idea of creating a vision board. I’m a worrier too, and I need something to counteract the negative thoughts that try to derail me. I wonder why I haven’t created one yet. I’m a visual person and I often create visual elements for my stories that are never used for any part of the story, other than to help me see it more clearly and move me along. I even have a corkboard next to my desk that I think I pulled out specifically for this purpose. I need to use it for a different purpose other than gathering dust.

  5. The idea of using images with goals was suggested to me many years ago. I don’t tend to use it (probably out of idleness, but your post reminds me of something I blogged about a few years ago. I inadvertently got into a conversation with my then 5 year old daughter about goals, and she astounded me with the results… I’ve put the link here because it’s too long to explain – but if you’d prefer to remove it, I will understand

  6. Such a positive, encouraging post, Louise. I love the idea of posting goals on a cork board, a visual reminder of your dreams. That house in country might be yours sooner than you think… : )

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