Slipping back – An excerpt from The Surrogate – #flashfiction

Image courtesy of Sarah Potter

The moon is hiding behind the rain clouds, and everywhere I look is black. Crushing. The horn blares again blasting cobwebs from my dusty memories and I think of the other time I was in a car with the dark and the rain. Suddenly I am terrified.

I’m arced over the wheel now, hyperventilating. Panic tearing my chest in two. I haven’t felt like this for years. It’s all starting again. Just like I always knew it would.

Lisa is back in my life and I am slipping into the past.

The good. The bad.

All of it.


I was delighted when I saw this week’s cobwebby prompt as if fits perfectly with an excerpt from my forthcoming book The Surrogate which will be published next week! I’m ridiculously excited. Early reviews have been fabulous. If you want to, you can find it over on Amazon here

Friday Fictioneer’s is a weekly photo prompt posted by Rochelle. Can you write a 100 words flash fiction story? Join in here – it’s great fun. 


55 thoughts on “Slipping back – An excerpt from The Surrogate – #flashfiction

  1. A nice little snippet, Louise. It is exciting to have a new book coming out–sort of like giving birth as your new creation springs forth into the world. I should have one out before Christmas and am much looking forward to that day as well.

  2. Such a great glimpse,Louise. Now I wonder about the person in the car and Lisa( sounds like an ominous person)
    Congratulations on the book and all my good wishes 🙂💕

  3. Ooh, lovely build up Louise. I felt this when I was reading The Sister – how good you are at raising questions that won’t be answered for pages and pages and pull the reader on into the story. Made me race through the end of The Sister! Nice exerpt and good luck with The Surrogate. I hope you’ll still find time to write for FF with all that’s going on!

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