My new writing help/hindrance

Anyone who has been anywhere near my social media pages the past couple of weeks will have been deluged with images of the newest edition to our household – Granger.

We were broken-hearted earlier this year with the loss of Miss Molly Super Spaniel, for such a small dog she left an enormous hole and the house felt different somehow. Colder. Quieter.

Much of The Sister was written on my lap, carving out a space anywhere I could find, but by the time it was published my eldest son had left home and I bought a desk for his former bedroom. Molly kept me company each day as I wrote The Gift and The Surrogate while the kids were at school and my husband was at work. She’d listen as we ate lunch together and I talked over plot holes and character development with a sense she understood every word.


Making the decision to bring another dog into the household wasn’t one we took lightly and we saw 6 litters before we met Granger and fell in love.

Ridiculously it’s been so long since we had a puppy in the house I kind of thought I’d fall back into the old routine I had with Molly with Granger while I write book 4. Ha. Granger doesn’t just lay on my feet as Molly did, he chews them, along with my computer cables, and my chair, and my desk….

It’s a bit like having a baby I think. You blank out the hard bits once it gets easier and then you do it all again. I’d forgotten the crying at night, the getting up to let him in the garden at 3 am, the chewed shoes, the puddles on the floor. 

Despite my exhaustion and inability to write for more than 10 minutes at a time without being distracted, he’s made the house feel like a home once more and I wouldn’t swap him for the world, even if book four might take a little longer than I’d envisaged to write.


11 thoughts on “My new writing help/hindrance

  1. I know exactly how that feels. Lost my gorgeous 16 and half year old puppy in Feb and oh how strange the house was without him.
    Cue head and heart argument which finally saw heart win and the addition of a 14 week old lurcher puppy called Poppy.
    How on earth did I survive puppy training before?!!

  2. Every baby we have in the house leaves an unforgettable mark, and I love that Molly was your writing companion 🙂 Granger, like all babies, is gonna give you a little more hard time, but he’s so lucky to be in a loving family!
    Such a cute post ❤
    My baby dog stays on her bed when I'm blogging, and I talk to her, and my mom's dog is my reading companion, she loves invading my legs when I'm on the couch trying to be comfortable!

  3. You new canine addition is lovely. Puppies are so full of spirit, sometimes quite exhausting, but in a wonderful way. When I got my chocolate Labrador puppy (9 years ago now), the first thing she learned, along with house-training, was not to chew wires (especially computer ones). Fortunately she was good and would often go to sleep on my lap while I typed; thus she inspired me to write a children’s book with a chocolate Labrador in it! It’s impossible to imagine life without a dog, as my mother bred them, and I often joke that I was raised in kennels alongside them (Basset Hounds)!

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