Wine & Writing – My life in the W.I.


When the WI contacted me and asked if I wanted to be featured in the June WI Life Magazine I was thrilled for about five seconds until they uttered the words ‘photo shoot.’ Gulp.

I needn’t have worried. I wasn’t going to be alone. The theme for the issue was ‘friendship’ and they were interested in the support I received from other WI members during the process of writing The Gift and The Sister.

Writing can be lonely, isolating. It’s vital for a writer to have a strong support network, otherwise it’s easy to slip into a pyjama-wearing, biscuit eating, end up talking to only the cat, lifestyle. Occasionally, it’s nice to prise myself away from my keyboard and talk to people I haven’t created in my head, over a glass of wine.

“My WI sisters became my champions, commiserating when my early chapters were rejected, and delighted for me when I finally got a book deal.”

You can read the full article from WI Life here.


2 thoughts on “Wine & Writing – My life in the W.I.

  1. Yes, Louise! “Writing can be lonely, isolating.” This is something I’ve often thought and felt, and at times even found comfort in. It’s only more recently that I’ve started spreading out and trying to break that cycle. I’ve been part of an amazing writing group for nearly four years now, so that helped me feel supported while not really putting myself out into the world. Only recently, have I decided to try to bring together all the writers in my community. It is a craft that really requires encouragement and support to grow. I feel like all this time I’ve been a flower trying to grow with very little light, and now I’m basking in the sun and wondering why I kept myself so closed off before.
    One other thing I wanted to mention, I found your blog when I was looking for other writers who write in my genres which include horror and psychological thrillers. And I’ve enjoyed commenting on your posts from time to time. I reached a point where I decided, hey, I enjoy my small chats with Louise so I should really support her writing. So I picked up The Sister and read it recently. About half way through, I found that I didn’t want to put the book down and couldn’t wait to see the story unravel. I haven’t felt that with a book in a long time. Probably because there is a certain formula to writing and as a writer stories become a bit predictable. Still very enjoyable mind you, but predictable. But I sometimes miss that excitement of not wanting to put a book down until I’ve read the very last page, and you gave me that experience and I really appreciate that.
    And congratulations on being featured in WI Life Magazine!

    • Hi Mandie. Firstly huge thanks for reading The Sister. I’m glad it gripped you. Writing groups are a great idea. I think it takes another writer to understand a writer. It’s good to get away from the desk sometime.

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