Flash Fiction – We stand together

Image © J Hardy Carroll


My feet crunch on broken glass, tears rising quickly.

‘Why…’ I begin, but the choke in my throat holds back the rest of my words.

Afternoon sunshine streams through the window, the upended tables and chairs brushed bronze, shards of glass glint gold.

The air is heavy with dust. With loss. But underneath there is something else. Love. We fall silently into our roles, a human chain, stronger together, clearing out the rubble. At first I think nothing is salvageable but then I realise there is. Amongst the splinters of wood, the twisted metal, it is there. A tiny kernel of hope.

We stand together.


‘We stand together’ was written for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly 100 word story challenge inspired by a photo prompt. This week’s prompt is topical as we all try to make sense of the senseless. My heartfelt condolences for everyone affected by the atrocities in Manchester.

Join in with the challenge over at host Rochelle’s blog here.

70 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – We stand together

  1. Hope is difficult to find in the context of Monday’s event in Manchester, but I do hope you’re right, Louise, about that tiny kernel.

  2. Rochelle’s choice of photo has chimed so closely, so painfully with events this week – even though she picked the image days ago. You voice the emotions so well, Louise. That undercurrent of strength running beneath the surface, the back bone that keeps the whole together and standing. Wonderfully written as always

  3. I find myself repeating my comments to you, your stories are always strong and packed with emotion. Here I go again – this was beautifully written and evoked strong emotions.

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