Flash Fiction – Broken

Image © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


I’m broken. Exhausted. Afraid. The stench of my fear is cloying, catching in my throat. The ties binding my wrists slicing deep into my flesh.

Pain. So much pain.

The shutter rattles. He’s back. I curl into a ball as though I can fold myself away.

‘It’s time.’ He drags me outside. The brightness of the sun burns my eyes.

‘Please, Sir.’ A little girl holds out a coin to the man. ‘Can I have a photo with your monkey?’

I plead with her with my eyes – save me. She doesn’t listen. No-one ever does.

She strokes my matted fur so gently I want to weep.


Huge apologies for not getting around to everyone’s story last week – I usually do try. Finishing the draft of book 3 took longer than expected (doesn’t it always!) but it’s off with my agent now so I get a few days rest – hurrah!

‘Broken’ was written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story inspired by a photo prompt. You can join in over at host, Rochelle’s blog, here.

61 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Broken

  1. Really sad tale, Louise. Clever bit of misdirection from the opening, as I was thinking this was a kidnap situation, that maybe the victim was a small child or a woman, being dragged outside for something truly awful. Clever to spin it on its head and make the MC an animal. Nicely done. And well done for finishing that draft – a nice sit down and a sin of your choice is due I’d say! 🙂

  2. You drew me in and surprised me very effectively. I’m sorry to admit that, like Bjorn, I felt relieved when you revealed the abductee wasn’t a person. I did feel sorry for the monkey though.

  3. Dear Louise,

    Wonderful take on the prompt. I, too felt for the poor monkey. Few people can pull off these types of stories, in my opinion. You did and did it very well. Congrats on getting the third book done.



  4. I was discussing literature yesterday with an acquaintance and, quite unprompted by me, she said how much she’d enjoyed ‘The Gift’.

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