Flash Fiction – One day…

Image courtesy of Sandra Crook

‘Writing’s a dead end job.’ The careers advisor had said. Even now, I remember the heavy feeling in my stomach as my hopes sank.

I straighten the stack of paperbacks on the table. Check there’s a spare pen.

‘There’s no money in books.’ She had said and I wish she could see me now, sitting under the ‘Bestsellers’ sign.

Outside, the queue snakes around the corner. It’s nearly time.

‘Lisa, have you finished?’ My manager snaps. ‘The author will be here in a minute.’

I scuttle back to my place behind the till, wishing again I hadn’t given up so easily.


My careers advisor told me writing wasn’t a viable career and sadly I listened to her and for 25 years I pushed my dreams to one side. Thankfully, in my 40’s I decided to try and write a novel and am still stunned that my first two books, The Sister and The Gift, have both been International No.1 Bestsellers, selling over 750,000 copies. It’s never too late!

‘One Day’ was written for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly 100 word story challenge, inspired by a photo prompt. You can join in over at Rochelle’s blog, here



58 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – One day…

  1. Why is there always someone who tries to tell you that the career you want to pursue isn’t the right one? I don’t think that everyone who does it intends it to derail your dreams either. Sometimes it’s just a careless comment. When I was in second grade, I remember saying I wanted to be an author or an artist when I grew up, and I was told that those are great hobbies, but not real jobs. I took that to heart for a long time.
    I lived my life thinking that “some day” I’d write, and I’d have a career that supported my real passion and hobby of writing. The biggest changing point in my life came when I gave myself permission to start pursuing a writing career. When “some day” finally arrived.
    Such a great message that it’s never too late, Louise! And congratulations on all of your success. 🙂

    • Thanks Mandie and I’m so pleased your ‘some day’ came too. I think you are right about throwaway comments and I suppose it depends how much confidence you have whether you can ignore them or not. I’ve never had much confidence and always listened to other people, probably way too much! Good luck to you.

  2. Heartbroken for your MC – but always delighted for you! I never thought writing was a viable option either, it was something other people did, not a shop girl. But then over the last 20 odd years I’ve watched my husband go from working in a video shop to going to the National Film School, to being nominated for a BAFTA, to working for a top animation company … And do you know what? I’ve gradually realised these extraordinary jobs are opne to anyone prepared to work damn hard to get what they want.
    Here’s to you and your wonderful success, Louise

    • Thanks lovely. I am SO inspired by your husband. I keep telling my teenage son about him. He’s thinking it impossible he’ll ever get into film making. It’s so great to hear of his success. Wishing you every success too ❤️

      • It is absolutely possible to get into film making – even if you start your working life hiring videos to folk! It did take him ten years to get solid work in his field, but it was so very worth it! All he needs to do is look at your own success. Lots of hard work and determination and a sheer love of what you do and it will happen. Thanks so much for your good wishes too – you’re very kind x

  3. It does not always have to pay great buck, life is about doing what is right for oneself.

  4. Wow! Congratulations for your success and as a 41yo just starting a complete career change to chase the writing dream, yours is an inspirational tale 🙂

  5. This is an encouragement to me as someone on the edge of publishing my first non-fiction book. The voices of adults and advisors from 20 years ago still occasionally resound in my mind against the artistic dreams I have always carried in my heart. Congratulations to you!

  6. Loved the misdirection of “I wish she could see me now, sitting under the ‘Bestsellers’ sign.” Of course we all thought this was about you. Congrats on your success. So glad you found your way back to writing.

  7. I didn’t obey my career adviser, when she advised me to do something easier than studying physics… and maybe she was right… but it took me a PhD to realize I should do something else… it’s never too late to change. Now I want to be a poet.

  8. I’m sure they told Beethoven he was crazy to think he should write music when he was deaf. I often wonder how many more great works this old world would have seen if talented people would have ignored the naysayers.

  9. When I was at school, girls were all steered towards becoming secretaries! We had one teacher who told me ‘You have to consider what your future husband would want you to do!’

  10. I think it’s such a waste to be given a gift and not use it. Congratulations again, Louise, on the success of both your books. Good story and writing as usual. All the best in future. 🙂 — Suzanne

  11. Dear Louise,

    Lovely story. When we stop pursuing out dreams me might as well dig our graves and crawl in. You’re never too old. 😉 Take it from one in hot pursuit and of a certain age.



  12. I think these Negative Nellies serve a purpose. Sometimes we listen to them…and push ourselves aside; sometimes we listen to them, doubt ourselves and then double our efforts to prove them wrong; and sometimes, we are just too stubborn to listen to them at all. I think if something is that wanted, a will to find a way will be found. Just look at you!

  13. I never read this last week, but I love it! career advises and placement advisors in my case can be so shit, the number of lives they ruin… I hope you’ve got back in touch with yours and said ha! Look at me now or even sent them a signed book

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