Flash Fiction – Unbearable

Image courtesy of Liz Young.


‘I’m dying.’ Panic builds.

‘Shh. You’re not. I won’t let you.’ He tightens his grip on my hand and I remember the first time he laced his fingers through mine. We had picnicked under the sunflower sun, the smell of cut grass drifting through the breeze. Now it’s the stench of hospitals that sticks in my throat. Dettol and decay.

‘I want to die.’ I can’t bear the pain anymore.

‘You said that last time you gave birth but it was worth it afterwards when you held our baby, remember? Midwife says not long now. Relax.’

‘Relax?’ Bastard. I hate you.’


I missed last week’s Friday Fictioneers. I was trying to juggle the school holidays with finishing the first draft of book 3, but the end is in sight! I also took part in a local library incentive which made me cry, which you can read about here

I’ve tried to keep this week’s story lighthearted. I’m sure from the prompt there will be many entries bringing a lump to the throat. ‘Unbearable’ was written for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly 100 word story challenge, hosted by Rochelle, inspired by a photo prompt. 

60 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Unbearable

  1. Thought this was going to be a tragedy, but in the end we have smiles and a wonderful event to look forward to. Thanks for that, Louise – made me smile. Well done for finishing Book 3 – and for surviving the Easter hols in one piece! 🙂

  2. This was more than beautiful. Given the other writes, I feared it might end in her death, and maybe it does… but that is for another day. Today, I’m envisioning her holding the little one to her breast and forgetting all about dying.

  3. Really LIKE your take on the prompt!
    One day a friend was telling me about how angry she got during those painful “sessions,” three in all, and her husband added, “yes, she was swearing at me!” rather embarrassing for a pastor!

  4. A welcome twist to that story that I was convinced was on its way down a dark alley. I’ve often heard women say “never again” after going through the pain of childbirth, so I feel very blessed at having had two easy and quick labours!

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