Don’t go out there – #flashfiction

Image courtesy of Jellico’s Stationhouse


The back door creaked open. I shouldn’t go. But the thought of Jake waiting for me at the park pulled me. I shivered and it wasn’t the middle-of -the-night-chill but the anticipation of Jake’s hands heating me.

I wheeled my bike down the side of the house. Paused as the latch on the gate squeaked open. It wasn’t too late. I could go back to bed but my feet carried me forward. I pedalled as fast as I could. I pedalled so fast my dad’s warning words couldn’t catch me ‘there’s a killer out there.

I didn’t care.

I was in love.


A super busy week with a deadline looming and the school on their Easter holiday but when I saw the prompt it fitted perfectly with a paragraph I’ve just written for book 3 soI couldn’t resist using this excerpt.

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word challenge inspired by a photo prompt and hosted by the fabulous Rochelle


43 thoughts on “Don’t go out there – #flashfiction

  1. Oh that was a great set up for a tragic ending. I don’t think you can ever out run you’re parents words, you just choose to ignore them.

  2. I felt that I was there, in a good way. Glad not to read the next paragraph as I fear what may occour

  3. There’s always “a killer out there” but we just do take the chances. Anyway, when you’re young, you’re indestructible, right? Your protagonist is not going to sit home and let love pass her by. 🙂

  4. Silly girl. I hope she can cycle fast. You just know something bad is going to happen, or she’s going to witness something bad.
    I just knew this was an excerpt from your next novel, as I was reading it.
    PS I’m ashamed not to have read your first two novels yet, but Sister is getting near to the top of my reading list, so please bear with me.

Constructive criticism appreciated

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