My first foreign editions (aka we haven’t run out of peanut butter)

I was bleary-eyed when I answered the door to the postman this morning and took in a parcel. I couldn’t remember ordering anything, although admittedly I have been known to 1-click on Amazon and wipe it instantly from my mind. Half-asleep I opened the box and I think I must have screamed because the spaniel rushed out of the kitchen with her paws over her ears and my husband rushed in.

‘What’s wrong?’ he shouted, a panicked expression on his face as he looked for signs of injury/electrocution/flood. ‘This isn’t because we’ve run out of peanut butter is it?’ Luckily for him I was too excited to be offended that he thinks I am such a drama queen. In the box was books! My books! My first ever foreign editions and suddenly I was overcome with tears. A little over a year ago I’d almost lost hope of ever holding a paperback in English. The thought I might one day be published in other languages had genuinely never occurred to me.

This Polish edition is gorgeous, shiny and embossed. Crammed full of words I do not understand but I wrote those words and the realisation that around the world readers are getting to know Grace and Charlie is such a humbling feeling. There are many more foreign editions to come and I hope this sense of excitement, this sense of wonder, stays with me for each and every one. And just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better I also found a new jar of peanut butter in the back of the cupboard. Hurrah. Celebratory toast was eaten by all.

The Dead Good Reader Awards are open for voting. By voting you could also win £200 worth of books. If you loved The Sister, and have a few seconds, I would massively appreciate a nomination in the Debut Category. You can vote here. Thanks. Louise x

12 thoughts on “My first foreign editions (aka we haven’t run out of peanut butter)

  1. Congratulations, Louise! That is so awesome! I’m trailing you in the writing journey. I’ve been busy getting short pieces published in literary journals while trying to edit my novel (that part never gets any easier does it?).
    Foreign editions have never crossed my mind, although I’m perfectly aware they exist. So this is really exciting to hear.
    I really enjoy following your journey. I can’t wait to hear about the next thing that comes your way. Congratulations again!! And good news about the peanut butter too.

    • Thanks so much Mandie. I wasn’t really aware english books got translated abroad. I came into this very naive – it’s been a huge learning curve. Congratulations for getting pieces published. Editing – I cannot wait to get to that stage with my new book. Hopefully in the next few weeks. Good luck with your novel.

      • Thank you too. I’m excited that you’re getting close to the editing stage, and amused that you’re looking forward to it. It shouldn’t be that hard to believe. I used to really like editing. It felt like an easy task compared to the pains of trying to get over my doubt and actually getting something written. The novel has switched me to hating editing though, it’s much more complex this time around. Writing, oddly enough, has become easier. But I’m starting to get the hang of the editing even with the more complicated changes I’m having to make, and hopefully I’ll get back to finding it relaxing again (or at least not so painful). I just hope if I get there, writing doesn’t become difficult again.

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