Flash Fiction – Buttercups

Image courtesy of Jennifer Pendergast


You loved playing dress up, twirling in my far-too-large wedding dress until your heel caught in the lace and you tumbled onto the dried grass.

‘Mummy.’ Your lip trembled and I plucked a buttercup, shining gold in the sun, telling you it was a magic flower. All was well in your small world once more.

I blink. Somehow time has slipped passed. Weeks, months, years.

You rush towards me. This time it’s a gown and mortar board that swamps your still-small frame.

‘Mum!’ You’re nervous. I push a buttercup into your hand.

‘Collect your degree, darling.’

Your world is larger now, but I’m still here. Always.


‘Buttercups’ was written for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly 100 word story challenge inspired by a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle



84 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Buttercups

  1. Dear Louise,

    What mother of grown children can’t relate to this lovely story? Tomorrow is my eldest’s birthday. I still see him as that sweet boy with huge brown eyes. Well done.



  2. That is so heartbreaking. I’ve raised three children and now have two grandchildren. It’s astonishing how quickly time passes, and then it’s gone. There are days I’d give almost anything to turn back the clock and have my children be children again.

  3. Oh, just lovely Louise. I remember doing that as kids, as if anyone was going to be proved not to like butter! A huge landmark and a glorious one – how very quickly time moves on. Gorgeous

  4. aww I love this!

    I am glad the mother remembered / managed to bring a buttercup along to graduation! With all the chaos it brings…

    You’ve got me hooked with this flash fiction business!

  5. I can relate to being the mother of a graduate, although my son boycotted the big occasion and had his certificate mailed to him, as he hates a fuss being made. Funny fellow, but it didn’t stop me being proud of him!

  6. I loved the way you did that in so few words, from childhood to a adulthood. Lovely. Once a mother…My ‘children’ are over 30 and I still feel they need me!

  7. Hi Louise! Thanks to you I have joined the Friday Fictioneers 🙂 Wonderful little story you’ve written, cleverly spanning so many years. I like the way a buttercup is picked and handed over on both these occasions and used as the title too X

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