Flash Fiction – Letting Go


Image courtesy of Liz Young


I paint on the smile that won’t reach my eyes and smooth my dress as though that will suddenly make me lose 10lbs. Today I want to be sparkling. Beautiful. Brilliant.

The church is full. The bride is young, thin, radiant. As full of hope as I once was. I bite back tears. I won’t cry. I won’t.

You’re so handsome as you walk down the aisle. I try to catch your eye but I’m invisible to you now. But I’m still your mum and I cling to that thought as tightly as you once clung to my hand.

Be happy, my love.


‘Letting Go’ was written for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly 100 word story challenge, inspired by a photo prompt. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting – you can check out the other entries, or join in, here.



80 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Letting Go

  1. Nice twist thee, Louise, as in the opening I thought it was a jilted ex viewing the scene. I only have one child – a boy – and although he’s only 12, he’s already pulling away. Soon enough he’ll need me a lot less than I need him. As a parent, you want them to be happy and independent. But it’s heartbreaking too. Nicely done

  2. I really appreciated this. It was beautifully written and summed up all those thoughts. I have been seriously ill for a long time and haven’t expected to see my kids get married so there’ll definitely be a lot of tears and jubilation when I do. I have been well for quite awhile now and it’s starting to look like a possibility…more than a dream.
    xx Rowena

  3. This can be a difficult time for parents even under the best of circumstances. It’s even worse when you child disregards you completely because of who they fell in love with.

  4. So beautifully done, Louise. I have two sons and though they are still too young (please!) to marry, I can well understand no longer being the centre of their universe. I already am not even close…

  5. The first paragraph grabbed my heart and held it. I am humbled by the images and emotions you elicit in these short stories.

Constructive criticism appreciated

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