Flash Fiction – Loaves & Fishes


Image courtesy of Ted Strutz


‘What am I supposed to do with loaves and fishes?’ I swallow the hot lump that rises in my throat. Soon the kids will be home, hungry, not that this is a home, with the endless smell of mildew. The wallpaper blackening and curling.

‘I suppose you can’t turn water into wine either?’ Rob trails kisses along my collarbone.

‘You’re always hoping for a miracle.’ I push him hard. ‘Get a real job.’

‘I’ll get a book deal.’

Rob tears open the post. As he reads a smile stretches across his face. ‘You know that miracle you were hoping for?’


Yesterday I wrote a blog post about Friday Fictioneers which you can read here.

A writer’s life is not an easy one! Loaves & Fishes was written for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly 100 word flash fiction challenge inspired by a photo prompt. You can read the other entries over a host Rochelle’s blog here


74 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Loaves & Fishes

  1. Writing can suck the marrow out of you in some ways and I guess for many of us there is that question of how long we should hang in there writing away in our crumbling garretts when we could go and get a “real job”. I like how you referred to the loaves and fishes. It was a great touch.
    xx Rowena

  2. Ooh, can’t wait for one of those letters! Love how you weaved the New Testament story in to the modern tale – nicely and neatly done. Great story Louise

  3. Phew, Rob saved by the bell! …Oh, to open the post and get a letter like that. I would happily put up with the book-signings, however tedious they might be! Wouldn’t be so happy about giving talks or doing live interviews, though D:

  4. Nicely told Louise, you fit the back story and the characterisation between the lines, saving the 100 words to tell the good news of Rob’s letter. Let’s hope success is round the corner for him, they have both sacrificed a lot for it

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