Flash Fiction – BFF


Image courtesy of Al Forbes


‘We’ll be best friends forever won’t we?’ She asks, piercing the daisy stem with her thumbnail and threading another flower through. ‘Finished.’ She loops the chain around my neck and as she draws back and studies me, the scent of her lemon shampoo lingers. ‘You look beautiful,’ she says.

She races across the field, honey-hair shimmering in the sun, tanned arms pumping by her sides. My January-pale stumpy legs struggle to keep up.

I want to tell her she’s the one that’s beautiful but I’m just her best friend, and my heart aches as I know that’s all I’ll ever be.


Written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story challenge inspired by a photo prompt (my story this week inspired by the BF on the numberplate). 

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76 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – BFF

  1. What a beautiful account of an unequal friendship. So many are like this, with one friend outshining the other, though both children gain and lose from the pairing. Such beautiful, tiny observations – heartrending. I was always the one running behind with the stumpy legs!

  2. Good job setting a scene & including the narrator’s feelings. I picture these as two children still learning about life and love; someday perhaps she will see him as even more than “just a best friend.” Or he’ll be able to distinguish puppy love.

  3. You packed so much imagery and emotions into this story. I could see these two little girls. My heart broke at the end.

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