Flash Fiction – A Rainbow of Regret


Image courtesy of Dale Rogerson


There are grey spaces in my mind where my memories used to be. Even now, I can’t quite remember the events of that night.

That’s what I tell them anyway. Regret stings yellow and sour at the back of my throat as I swallow down my lies.

It was an accident. It must have been.

Except it wasn’t.

My shame burns red.

Green was the colour of the carpet I loosened at the top the stairs. Blue was your language as you tumbled to the floor.

White are the lilies I lay on your grave.

My soul is black and weeping.


A huge thank you to everyone in the US who has bought, reviewed and recommended The Gift. I am delighted it has, this week, joined The Sister on the USA Today Bestsellers List.

‘A Rainbow of Regret,’ was written for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly 100 word story challenge inspired by a photo prompt. Hop over to host Rochelle’s blog and read the other entries here, or join in!

77 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – A Rainbow of Regret

  1. I have read three responses so far in this week’s Fictioneers stable and I feel so inadequate when laying mine beside yours as well as the others. This prompt seems to have triggered master level writing this week.

  2. Such a clever use of colour throughout – each one perfectly chosen for the corresponding emotion. Perfect construction, too, unrolling the events one hue at a time. Wonderful

  3. Congratulations on The Gift. I’m reading The Sister right now–quite intriguing so far! Love your story this week and its color associations. Clever and elegant.

  4. A perfect title and great story. It’s not only the colours though. Taste and feelings are strong even without the colours.

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