Appearing on TV was an incredible experience – Talking writing, mindfulness & chronic pain.



Last Thursday I was at a 50th birthday party in Yorkshire when my mobile rang.

‘Is that Louise Jensen?’ asked an unfamiliar voice.

‘Yes.’ I said, one hand clamped over my ear, as I headed for somewhere quieter.

‘This is ITV. Congratulations on your second novel, The Gift,  reaching No.1 in the UK. We know your debut, The Sister also reached the top spot. It’s quite unusual for an author to have two number ones in a year. We would like to come and talk to you. Is that ok?’

My mouth dried as I looked around the kitchen searching for hidden cameras. It had to be a joke. Next door I could hear laughter from the party, or were they laughing at me? Paranoia kicked in and I tripped over my words.

‘’You want to interview…’ I refrained from laughing hysterically or telling them I’m the least remotely interesting person they could choose.

‘Yes. Tomorrow morning.’

img_0369Cue a frantic three-hour drive back to our Christmas chaos house where my husband ran the hoover round at 2 am, and rationalised that at least if it was a joke, we’d have tinsel-free carpets.

The next morning we waited anxiously. I’d already made my teenage son get showered and dressed ‘just in case’.’ He’d recently completed a Level 3 BTEC in Media and I thought he’d find the process interesting, if they turned up of course, but none of us really thought they would, until there was a knock at the door.

The morning passed by in a flash. Claire McGlasson who conducted the interview couldn’t have been nicer and put everyone at ease. My son was allowed to help with the filming and lighting and I felt incredibly relaxed as I chatted about writing, mindfulness and chronic pain. I found it fascinating that it took two hours of filming for a three-minute segment. No wonder movies take so long to make!

There were sound bites of my clip throughout yesterday and the full segment was shown in the evening and I watched it while clutching a large glass of wine. It’s something my family will always remember and I’m so grateful we got the chance to do this. It was a fabulous way to kick off 2017.

You can view the clip here.

23 thoughts on “Appearing on TV was an incredible experience – Talking writing, mindfulness & chronic pain.

  1. Fantastic Louise! You certainly seemed very relaxed! I missed it on the TV so thanks for linking to it in your post x

  2. Many congratulations, Louise! You took that interview in your stride. I’ve done radio and wasn’t nearly so relaxed.
    I haven’t started reading The Gift yet – (but my expectations are high!!!! 🙂

  3. Congratulations! That’s amazing. You should be so proud! 🙂 I am an avid reader. I may just have to check out your books. Thanks for sharing! Peace out! 🙂

  4. Oh, Louise, what a grand interview. It was kind of a late Christmas gift. Your writing success is what writers dream about and it’s become a reality for you. Congratulations on having both your books become such winners. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  6. Congratulations on the books and the TV slot. I teach Mindfulness workshops to clients in my counselling practice, and I will be showing this clip to a few of them. Im glad Mindfulness works for you after your accident. Take care. Stephen.

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