Flash Fiction – 3 Words


Image courtesy Roger Bultot 


I must have misheard.
You don’t break eye contact and the lump that rises in my throat feels so real, I feel like I could reach in and tug it out. You’ve said it. Those three words I thought you’d never say. It’s been so long.
I reach out over your desk and place my hand over yours. My senses sharpen. Your sandalwood aftershave fills my nostrils as love fills my heart.
‘Say it again.’
‘Mrs Hamilton.’ You pause and I hold my breath. ‘Your cancer’s gone.’
And I wonder, even though you’re my doctor, if I could kiss you.


Hurrah my second novel, The Gift was published last Friday and I’m stunned and incredibly grateful it’s already No. 4 in the overall UK Amazon chart, and in the top 10 psychological thrillers in the US. The kindle version is part of a flash sale for the next few days and if you want to grab one you can at Amazon UK here and Amazon US here. A big thanks to all who have supported me.

3 Words was written for Friday Fictioneers, a weekly 100 word story challenge inspired by a photo prompt. My story was inspired by the balloons in the picture and I couldn’t think of anything better to celebrate. You can join in, or read the other entries at host Rochelle blog here.


48 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – 3 Words

  1. Hopefully I won’t need to hear those words. Although, Cancer does seem so random that you just never, ever know. Congrats again on your “Amazon-ing” success. An inspiration to all of us who harbour dreams of writing a novel.

  2. Congrats on the books (definitely have to get them)
    And.. I’m positive the good doctor would have accepted the kiss of gratitude…

  3. Nice misdirection, and a lovely festive happy ending!
    It reminds me of the line in a Woody Allen film (I forget which one now) when he says “the most beautiful words in the English language aren’t ‘I love you’ but ‘it’s benign’!”

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