One week before publication – what’s left to do?


It is exactly one week until the release of my second novel, The Gift. So what happens in those last few days before publication?

Before I released a book I thought this was the period authors sat with their feet up, drinking lots of wine, waiting with excitement for their books to hit the shelves. Oh how my thought processes have changed! While for me the excitement and the drinking lots of wine bit is very true, there is also an enormous amount to do. In a way this is where the hard work starts.

Being signed to a digital publisher is a little bit different to a traditional publisher. Digital publishers like to bring books out very quickly  and can still be getting a book ready days before publication, with last minutes edits and typesetting. Today, some re-records are happening to my audiobook which I shall listen to tomorrow, and my paperbacks have been uploaded to Amazon for pre-ordering which means the typeset file has been sent to the printers and I will soon be sent some copies so I can start to plan some signed giveaways.

With the UK publishing an estimated 184,000 books per year this is also the time for authors to try to make their book visible as it can be. Marketing can be relentless and exhausting  but through it I have met some of the nicest people around both online and off-line. When writers, readers, and book bloggers come together, united by their love of a good story, it is phenomenal to witness the support the reading/writing community gives each other, and I feel so very privileged to be a part of that.

The time period before publication it is often a nail biting time waiting for the first reviews to be posted online. No matter how much a writer or editor loves the book, there is no way of predicting how it will be received by readers. The reviews of The Gift have started to come through this week, up and I have felt humbled and very grateful for the fabulous reception it has received so far.

Next week for me, there will be radio interviews, an online launch, and generally much jumping up and down with joy in my house. This time last year I was putting together a submission package for my first novel, The Sister, and every day I feel so thankful that, at last, my dream of being published has come true.

You can pre-order The Gift from Amazon UK or Amazon US.

What people are saying about The Gift: 

My God! It’s a bloody corker! An exquisite writer…Louise has completely knocked it out of the park and brought us all another amazing thriller! Emma the Little Bookworm

Hells Bells! The Gift by Louise Jensen is an absolute cracker of a read it’s tense, gripping and thrilling. I literally devoured this book in one sitting, I love it when you read a book and the opening chapter grabs you by the throat …Louise Jensen has written a belter of a book that will keep even the most hardened psychological thriller lover glued to their kindle/book’ The Book Review Cafe

‘Louise Jensen has this great gift of being able to drag you directly into the story and carry you along kicking and screaming! Drop everything and curl up in a comfy chair because as soon as you start this book you won’t want to do anything else!’ Angelnet Reviews

I absolutely ADORE Louise Jensen’s writing … The Gift is full to the brim of twists and turns …superb!‘ Damp Pebbles

This book is a compulsive read – once you start it you’ll find it incredibly hard to put down again until you’ve finished it …I love the way that nearly every chapter ends on a mini cliff-hanger – it kept me turning the pages late into the night and eventually I decided I simply couldn’t go to bed until I knew the truth! ‘ Rather Too Fond of Books


9 thoughts on “One week before publication – what’s left to do?

  1. Louise, I’m so excited for you! You have worked so hard, and you give this aging writer (not that you are!) hope that this can still happen! Such great success on The Sister, and I’m sure your second is going to do beautifully as well. Maybe you can put those feet up for a few minutes. 😉

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