Flash Fiction – Spice up your life


Image courtesy of CEayr


Lizzie’s phone buzzed.

Surprise! Our room. Now.

 Lizzie couldn’t believe Adam had listened to her hints about spicing things up in the bedroom. Her breath quickened as she climbed the stairs.

Would they need a code word? Had she shaved her legs?

‘Ready to strip?’ Adam asked, as she entered the room.

Would this hurt? Lizzie felt unsure as she started to unbutton her jeans.

‘Not you, the wallpaper!’

Lizzie noticed the pots of paint and brushes in the corner. Fifty shades of grey? Fifty shades of dulux was the closest she would ever get married to Adam, but she was secretly relieved.


It was with much relief this week I finished writing The Gift. You can read about my experience with Second Book Syndrome here. Spice up your Life was written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 words story inspired by a photo prompt. Hop of to host Rochelle’s blog and read the other entries here





64 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Spice up your life

  1. Dear Louise,

    It’s so easy to get our wires crossed isn’t it? Her relief was tangible. “Had she shaved her legs?” That line made me laugh out loud. What woman hasn’t asked herself the same question? Good one.



  2. Haha! Love your character’s perspective, dropping hints about spicing thiings up, then secretly relieved when they’re just decorating! And worrying if she’d shaved her legs? So realistic. Great tale, Louise. Congrats again for finishing The Gift – did you open something sparkly to celebrate?

  3. Loved this. It was very well written and like the others, I related to the shaved legs, not so much with my husband these days but going to the beach. I do get the whole be careful what you wish for. Congrats for finishing the book. xx Rowena

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