Flash Fiction – Embrace who you are


Image courtesy of Sandra Crook


I slick my lips red and spray on vanilla perfume before choosing a little black dress that should help me blend in with all the other clubbers. Shame sits heavy in my stomach. Why can’t I be proud of who I am?

In my wardrobe, a multi-coloured dress I designed myself catches my eye. Zigzags weave together, the pattern as intricate as my emotions, and before doubt creeps in, I slip it on.

There’s a knock on the door.

‘Matthew, are you ready?’

I take a deep breath and run my palm over my chin checking for stubble.

I’m ready.


I am absolutely delighted The Sister has made it to the semi-final of The Goodreads Debut Award 2016. If you’ve read and enjoyed my novel I’d really appreciate a vote here.

‘Embrace who you are’ is a reworking of an idea I originally had for Friday Fictioneers a couple of years ago. To join in, or read the other entries in this 100 word story challenge, inspired by a photo prompt, hop over to host Rochelle’s blog.


47 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Embrace who you are

  1. Great minds think alike. We both must have seen the same thing i.e. someone being different, standing out, individual and not worrying about it. I’m proud to have experienced similar story ideas with a best selling author!

  2. A well-written story and an elegant twist set up both by your misdirection and the prejudice and assumptions we bring to it.
    A message for us all that we don’t know others (and their desires and fears) as well as we think we do.

  3. Louise, this one is flawless in the delivery and punch. Love the subtlety in which you deliver it. And SO very excited for you and the success of your novel! You’ve worked hard for this! Mazel tov!

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