Flash Fiction – Discarded


Image courtesy of Claire Fuller


‘You can’t take everything with you, Mum.’

Ben stuffs my knick-knacks into a bin bag, along with my shredded heart.

‘But they’re all the things I collected walking out with your dad.’ I swallow down a rising lump of grief.

‘Material things don’t make you happy, Mum.’

Later, I am curled up on the lumpy bed of the nursing home that smells of mildew. Ben said he wouldn’t visit for a while so I can settle in.

I’m going to change my will. Leave everything to a charity.

Ben will understand. After all material things don’t make you happy, do they?


Written for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly 100 word story challenge inspired by a photo prompt. Read the other entries or take part, over at host Rochelle’s blog here


58 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Discarded

  1. Having been in the “kids” shoes, I have to say that it’s very difficult to throw away a parents precious possessions when the time comes. There’s more to their story. I finished The Sister and thoroughly enjoyed it. I wrote a review on Amazon.

  2. A very powerful story and it gave me a huge lump in my throat. It seems that Ben is sorting things out for his mum because he has to, not because he really wants to see her settled in the right place for her. So sad when children lose sight of the relationship with a parent. I wonder what he will actually regret when she is no longer around.

  3. And really, how many things did she have in her collection? Could he not have had the heart to allow her to bring a little bit… especially since he has not time for her anyway? I, too, had a lump in my throat. Well done!

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  5. Hate the smell of mildew! I hope she doesn’t change her mind 😀 Just a question is that “walking out without your dad” or “with your dad”? Am I missing something?

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