I never thought I’d see my book in print in English and now…

14440781_1686415255011078_6228871455505577474_n the-gift-hungarian-cover

I am so excited to share the Hungarian covers for my first two novels, ‘The Sister’ and the forthcoming ‘The Gift’.

Ten months ago, being published seemed such an unachievable dream and yet not one I was quite ready to let go of, picking myself up after each rejection and trying again. Having my debut published earlier this year was phenomenal, but even then it never occurred to me that my story might one day be translated into different languages.

The rights to my first two novels have now been sold to several territories and I can’t wait to see the different covers. Hungary have chosen to use the same artwork as the UK versions.

I am so glad I never gave up. As C.S. Lewis said ‘You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream.’

10 thoughts on “I never thought I’d see my book in print in English and now…

  1. Congratulations, Louise! I (sort of) know the feeling; a year ago my Huffington Post article appeared in the Italian version of the site, and I was thrilled. I can’t even imagine how exciting it is to see your own novel in another language!

  2. much congratulations on ur victory. im glad u never gave up.. even besides of facing millennia of rejections. i have seen some writers-cum-great-authors, who easily gave up on their dreams just by facing a lil’ tuft of criticism in life. to me, such a waste of talent it is! perhaps, im very glad that u conquered things around so successfully, & fruitfully as well. may u keep publishing many more a hundreds, & thousands, & millions of books with time, & with much successive success, fame & fortune!
    lookin forward to reading ur blogs!

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