Flash Fiction – Get Stuffed


Image courtesy of Sandra Crook

I’m a patchwork of shame, despair and sorrow, woven together with fear. You pick away at my confidence. I’m too fat, too thin; too loud, too quiet. I’m unraveling. The threads holding me together become slacker, until I’m nothing but a heap of rags on the floor.

‘Scraps no-one else would want,’ you say. ‘Worthless.’ And as I hear this, there’s a shift. Anger surges and slowly I tighten my stitching, pad out myself esteem, until I’m standing tall on the doorstep telling you it’s over. As I watch you walk away I touch my mouth, feeling my smile stretch beneath my fingertips. I’m whole again.


Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 word story challenge inspired by a photo prompt. Hop over to host Rochelle’s blog and read the other entries, and join in!


73 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Get Stuffed

  1. This is stunning! It really speaks to me–how this imperfect person is rendered perfect in her (or his) ability to draw a line in the sand.

    PS. I’m a huge fan of The Sister. Planning to write a book review to post on my blog because I have too many good things to say to keep it all inside!

  2. Whoa, Louise! That title caught me off guard, even though it means nothing in America. Yes, I know the phrase’s meaning in the U-K is nasty. Yet, it sums up the story’s attitude, doesn’t it? A terrific handling of metaphors and that “get out!” feeling when someone triumphs over an obstacle.


  3. I loved your first line, and really enjoyed how you kept that metaphor going through a well-told story. As with the best FriFic there is so much behind the 100 words that you have told without needing to tell. Really good work Louise 🙂

Constructive criticism appreciated

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