The Sister

Bookheathen's Right to Read

by Louise Jensen

‘I did something terrible, Grace. I hope you can forgive me.’

What has Grace’s best friend Charlie done that’s so terrible? Grace doesn’t know, but in the four months since Charlie’s death the question has lain heavily on her mind.

When the girls were fifteen, they buried a memory box with photos and other bits and pieces from their lives, intending to dig it up when they are older. Included in the box is a mysterious pink envelope which Charlie won’t allow Grace to examine. Now there is only Grace. She’s in her mid twenties and living with boyfriend Dan and cat Mittens in a country cottage – and she wants answers:

Who was Charlie’s father and why did he leave – why does Charlie’s mum Lexie blame Grace for her daughter’s death – did Charlie really have an invisible friend called Belle?


The Sister is written…

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Constructive criticism appreciated

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