How I am (not) preparing for publication



Life has been fraught recently. My youngest son has been off school for 3 weeks with Glandular Fever, my eldest son’s girlfriend has moved in, and amongst everything I’ve been frantically editing book two.

It came as a shock yesterday evening to receive a flurry of texts from my sister; ‘Have you hired wine glasses for your book launch?’ ‘Have you bought sparkling wine for the toast?’ ‘Have you sorted out the food?’

I knew, of course, The Sister was creeping towards its publication date but I’ve been so busy, aside from booking a venue weeks ago I haven’t actually done anything, except, to the delight of my husband, sample lots of wine in the evenings – hmm this one is nice but I won’t make a decision today, we’ll try another tomorrow.

Now there is only; Two. Days. To. Go. until my launch party.

This morning I’ve been glued to the phone, trying to source a cake, magenta and black balloons, napkins and plates to co-ordinate with my book cover and I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve said ‘Yes. I appreciate I have left it late…’.

I may have to scale back my elaborate plans but at least I know of a decent white wine, or should I give the red another try…


The Sister is out tomorrow in paperback, digital format and audio book. The digital is still available for the special price of 0.99 Over from Amazon UK or Amazon US



20 thoughts on “How I am (not) preparing for publication

  1. It was nice to ‘catch up’ at your launch. We both enjoyed the evening and looking forward to reading The Sister.

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