Flash Fiction – Best Served Cold


PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll


As I slide the invitation out of its thick cream envelope my breath catches in my throat.

Your second wedding.

I resist the urge to tear the invite into a thousand pieces, remind myself that we’re friends now. Adults.

The church will be freezing, smelling of beeswax and hope. Benches as hard as my heart. But I’ll go.

I’ll compliment your new bride on her dress, jostle for her bouquet, raise my glass in a toast but when it’s over, when the confetti has crumbled to dust, I promise you this. I will destroy her. The way she destroyed us.



I think working on the end of my new novel has brought out my dark side this week – I’ve scared myself a little!  Written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story inspired by a photo prompt. Read the other entries over at Rochelle’s blog, here.



55 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Best Served Cold

  1. My god, that’s bitter. I expected something like it from the title but you really delivered. Brilliant.

  2. There are some wonderful touches to this. I love “smelling of beeswax and hope”. I can see why it might have disappointed you though – I got to the ending and I was exoecting more

  3. I love this, and her resolve for revenge. It is dark, but it makes his delusion and her suffering complete. I think that this would be a great start for something longer, too.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! YES!!! That’s how it’s done, Louise! Loved it! The emotions came first, then the situation… and then BAM! Memorable payoff. Bravo!

    Five out of five poison ivy bouquets.

  5. ‘The church will be freezing, smelling of beeswax and hope. Benches as hard as my heart. But I’ll go.’ Oh, how I love that! And they were foolish enough to invite the scormed woman to their wedding? More fool that smug new bride! Very nicely written – few words but well chosen. Love how we all see these pics from different angles – great stuff

  6. Dear Louise,

    it’s seems cold of him to invite his first wife to his second wedding. I’d love to see this played out in a longer piece. Sharp and edgy.



  7. Oh, but you dark so well, Louise! I’m with Rochelle; this would be a compelling longer story, but you’ve done it so well in flash fiction. I wouldn’t go, but I’d share her sentiments at the end!

  8. She is both in some ways appalling and in others a very sympathetic character – she really could go a long way! Forgive and forget – well we all know we should! But…

  9. Youve captured the anger and betrayal brilliantly Louise, especially with the way she has to remind herself they are friends. I don’t know if she wll go through with her promise to destroy, but i know the “friendship” is over now – if it ever existed.

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