Why I’m rewriting my novel


It was a strange feeling letting go of ‘The Sister’, my debut psychological thriller, and the characters I’ve come to love, but I thought with the story finished, and the book now available to pre-order on Amazon, I would never have to work on the manuscript again.

I was wrong.

My 10-year-old son, Finley, is an amazing writer and really wants to be an author. He has been so excited watching the process I have gone through; writing a book finding a publisher and is full of questions about my day every time he comes home from school. The look of pride shining on his face whenever he reads a review of my novel is so touching that last night when he flopped on the sofa and announced the fact he isn’t allowed to read my book ‘the most saddest thing ever’ I knew I had to do something about it.

Today I’ve been working my way through the original manuscript taking out the things I feel aren’t appropriate for him to read and trying to create a new version, one that is still true to the story of Grace and Charlie but will be suitable for him to read on his kindle.

I am a bit of an overprotective mother so when I’ve taken out everything I don’t want him to see I’m not sure how much of the book will actually be left, but hopefully enough for him to enjoy it!

14 thoughts on “Why I’m rewriting my novel

  1. Hope you manage to rewrite The Sister for your son, and what an amazing thing to do for him. It’s a fantastic book and can’t believe it’s your debut. Will post my review nearer publication day x

  2. Hi Louise, I absolutely love that you are modifying your novel for your son, that is incredible. Good on you! My daughter is around the same age as your son – almost ten years old and she also wants to be an author! 🙂

  3. That’s such an interesting project, Louise. It occurs to me only that my life experience suggests most ten-year-old boys (those that are willing to read at all, that is) will read anything that’s out there (just about) provided they can get their hands on it.

    • You’re right Andrew. Finley would love to read this as it is but I’d be uncomfortable with him doing so. It will be interesting to hear if the audio book will be any different – perhaps I’ll let him listen!

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