Flash Fiction – It’s my party…


image courtesy of Madison Woods


Although I really enjoyed reading everyone’s stories last week I must apologise for not commenting. I have a bad wrist at the moment and am keeping my typing to a minimum. I couldn’t resist joining in with this weeks prompt though.

The door creaks open and the bang-bang-bang of party poppers reverberates around the packed room.

‘Surprise! Happy Anniversary…’ Voices grow fainter, trail off, as Jenny stumbles into her living room, eyes glistening with tears. Streamers land at her feet, multi-coloured paper as shredded as her heart.

‘Congratulations,’ booms from the stereo but no one thinks to turn it off. The smell of hot sausage rolls wafts from the kitchen.

‘Mum?’ Rebecca doesn’t move. Can’t move. ‘Where’s Dad?’

The disco ball hanging in the middle of the lounge spins and spins, flashes of silver illuminating Jenny’s pale face.

She swallows hard. ‘There’s been an accident…’.


Written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story inspired by a photo prompt. Read the other entries on host Rochelle’s blog.






51 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – It’s my party…

  1. Another sad tale from the one who knows how to tell them. Nicely done with all the elements, smell, sounds, colours of a typical house party.

Constructive criticism appreciated

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