Author interview with Louise Jensen

Thanks Phil for inviting me onto your blog.

Author Phil Price

Hi Folks. Another interview has hit the blog. I’m very pleased to have had the pleasure to speak to a new author this week. Louise Jensen is a writer of psychological thrillers.  Her debut novel ‘The Sister,’ is due to be published in July 2016 by Bookouture, with two further novels due for release in 2017.

Louise also writes flash fiction, and features and articles for both magazines and online publications. Louise specialises in writing about mindfulness, chronic pain and mental health.



  1. When did you first realise that you wanted to become a writer?

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write. I’ve been scribbling stories for as long as I can remember but I never seriously considered it as a career, it seemed so unattainable. I’m in my 40’s and at my school the girls were encouraged to learn to type (on a typewriter) with a view…

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