I’ve finished my copy edits!



It’s been such a learning curve navigating my way through the editorial process for the first time. Lydia, my editor, has been a dream to work with on my structural and line edits, so when I discovered I’d be working with someone different for my copy edits I felt a little daunted.

This time, when the manuscript pinged back into my in-box I was prepared for the flurry of red lines. My coffee, chocolate hobnobs and tissues for my tears were lined up ready on my desk. Ok, maybe not the tissues, but the biscuits are part of my essential writers tool-kit.

Skimming the document through the first time I breathed a sigh of relief to find most of the highlights related to punctuation, my English teacher would hang his head at the common errors I’d made, but seeing where I’d gone wrong will help me make book two tighter.

By now, I’d read my manuscript so many times I thought there couldn’t possibly be any issues with continuity….I was wrong. Twice I’d referenced an event that happened in a chapter I’d cut months before.

It was also pointed out I pair concrete nouns with abstract nouns which led to much Googling as I’d never heard of either!

All in all, it’s been another enjoyable step on the journey to publication and I can’t wait to get it back from the typesetter now and give it a final proof read.

The Sister‘ is so very nearly finished.

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