Flash Fiction – The Jar of Love


Photo courtesy of Sean Fallon


It’s been a super busy week but I couldn’t miss my Friday Fictioneers fix. You can find out how I’ve found my first lot of publisher’s edits here


I’d sat on the worktop in the steamy kitchen, meat spitting and crackling in the oven. Blood dripped onto my white ankle socks as Nana dabbed my scraped knee with TCP and cotton wool.

Tears streaked my cheeks and I wiped them away with my sleeve. Nana fetched her special jar filled with invisible fairy kisses.

‘Ready? Don’t let them all escape.’ She curled her bony fingers around the lid and twisted.

My heart thumped as my hand darted inside the glass, I pulled out one of the kisses and placed it on my knee.

It didn’t hurt any more.

I still have that jar.



Written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story challenge inspired by a photo prompt. Hop over to host Rochelle’s blog and check out the other entries here


60 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – The Jar of Love

  1. A lovely story… a jar like this would be perfect to have handy…

    I recognize the feeling of getting an edited version back… it takes courage to read it, and I prefer to let it stew a little… then it feels like quite reasonable comments….

  2. You’ve gone from dark to cute. Great imagery of the kitchens and values we grew up with. Good story Louise.

  3. What a brilliant idea. I may have to invest in a jar of invisible fairy kisses to keep on hand for when the little one gets hurt.

  4. i wish i have one of those magical jars, too. great story. as far as the edited manuscript, i know you’re tough. you’ll survive everything they throw at you.

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