Flash Fiction – Best Friends


Photo courtesy of Al Forbes


Thank you so much for all your good wishes last week when I shared the news of my book deal. If you want to know how I really felt about it please click here



‘We’ll be best friends forever won’t we?’ She asks, piercing the daisy stem with her thumbnail and threading another flower through. ‘Finished.’ She loops the chain around my neck and as she draws back and studies me, the scent of her lemon shampoo lingers. ‘You look beautiful,’ she says.

She races across the field, honey-hair shimmering in the sun, tanned arms pumping by her sides. My January-pale stumpy legs struggle to keep up.

I want to tell her she’s the one that’s beautiful but I’m just her best friend, and my heart aches as I know that’s all I’ll ever be.



Written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story challenge inspired by a photo prompt (my story this week inspired by the BF on the numberplate). My mum and sister have complained my writing’s too dark lately, so with a psychological thriller due for release this summer I thought I’d try something a bit lighter.

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47 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Best Friends

  1. That was beautifully written indeed. How often does the one remain clueless to the other’s true feelings?
    Thanks for the clarification on where you got your inspiration from! I was wondering there… 😉

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